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This Ford RS 1700T was a prototype RWD car designed by Ford Motor Company in The early 80’S to compete in Group B rallying.
We believe that only 18 were build and of those only 5 EXIST TODAY, one being owned by Malcolm Wilson
Plagued with problems during its development, Ford changed it’s plans for its production and instead started work on an all-wheel-drive model, in effect this car forced the design and rethink of how to compete against the Audi Quattro’s and resulted in the development of the famous RS200.
BGMsport are in the process of rebuilding an original Ford RS1700T - This will be a long term project and the owner Steve Rimmer hopes that the car can be finished towards the end of 2015

Published in Classic Ford Magazine

The car was finally finished for the 2018 Race Retro event, and completed several demonstration runs with Alister McRae driving.