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Looking After These Colin Mcrae Cars

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Looking After These Colin Mcrae Cars

These are some of the cars that Colin originally drove and we are very proud to look after these cars. Colin drove the Prodrive Rothmans Legacy in the British Rally Championship and at the start of 2019 we re-commissioned the car for the family as it had not been run for some years.

The Prodrive Sti Legacy is the car he drove to 2nd overall in Sweden 1992 and is now regularly driven by Jimmy and Alister McRae, and of course the most famous 555 Impreza, L555 BAT, the car he drove to win the World rally Championship. We carried out a full re-commission on L555 BAT in 2008 and in 2018 did a fairly extensive service on the car to keep it in good shape. The Focus is a WRC 02 M-Sport car that Colin drove whilst he was with Ford on various WRC events and indeed is the car he once crashed in Corsica. The car was rebuilt and purchased for Steve Rimmer and has been living in the USA for some years but we will receive it back here to get it ready to use at Goodwood Festival of Speed in July 2019.

At the BGMsport workshop we had the unique opportunity to put all these wonderful Subaru’s together in the workshop, so it goes without saying that we had to take a few photos to share. So we have 3 Colin McRae cars, ( WRC 97 and 2 Legacy’s). We are proud to have recently recommissioned the Rothmans Legacy which is now back in Scotland. The STi Legacy is owned by Steve Rimmer and the WRC 97 car owned by Max Girardo. Richard Burns WRC P2000 car in which he won Rally GB 2000 is owned by Chris Wilson. The car is in for a full recommission and in readiness for some runs up the hill at the Festival of Speed 2019. WRC S9 2003 ex Solberg under going a full restoration is owned by Pete Racely. WRC 99 ex Kankhunen which we have just completed the restoration on. WRC 99 ex Freddie car which has not been used since 2001, fully recommissioned . And finally of course the 555 GpA car which Mark Higgins drove at the Autosport Live Action Arena January 2019. We think that we had a pretty cool gathering!