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BGM Sport Ltd Galleries

Welcome to BGM Sport Ltd, your premier destination for rally and race services. On this page, you will find galleries showcasing our work, highlighting our expertise and passion for motorsports. From custom builds to event support, our team is dedicated to providing top-notch services to help you achieve your racing goals. Explore our galleries to see our projects in action and discover why BGM Sport Ltd is the go-to choice for all your rally and race needs.

  • Sweet Lamb Test November 06 Xlarge
  • sweet-lamb-test-november-01-small
  • sweet-lamb-test-november-02-small
  • sweet-lamb-test-november-03-small
  • sweet-lamb-test-november-04-small
  • sweet-lamb-test-november-05-small
  • sweet-lamb-test-november-06-small
  • sweet-lamb-test-november-07-small
  • sweet-lamb-test-november-08-small
  • sweet-lamb-test-november-10-small
  • sweet-lamb-test-november-11-small
  • sweet-lamb-test-november-12-small
  • sweet-lamb-test-november-13-small
  • sweet-lamb-test-november-14-small
  • sweet-lamb-test-november-15-small
  • sweet-lamb-test-november-16-small
  • sweet-lamb-test-november-17-small
  • sweet-lamb-test-november-18-small
  • sweet-lamb-test-november-19-small
  • sweet-lamb-test-november-20-small
  • sweet-lamb-test-november-21-small
  • sweet-lamb-test-november-22-small
  • sweet-lamb-test-november-23-small
  • sweet-lamb-test-november-24-small
  • sweet-lamb-test-november-25-small
  • sweet-lamb-test-november-26-small
  • sweet-lamb-test-november-27-small
  • sweet-lamb-test-november-28-small
  • sweet-lamb-test-november-29-small
  • sweet-lamb-test-november-30-small
  • sweet-lamb-test-november-31-small
  • sweet-lamb-test-november-32-small
  • sweet-lamb-test-november-33-small
  • sweet-lamb-test-november-34-small
  • sweet-lamb-test-november-36-small
  • sweet-lamb-test-november-37-small
  • sweet-lamb-test-november-38-small
  • sweet-lamb-test-november-39-small
  • sweet-lamb-test-november-40-small
  • sweet-lamb-test-november-41-small
  • sweet-lamb-test-november-42-small
  • sweet-lamb-test-november-43-small
  • sweet-lamb-test-november-44-small
  • sweet-lamb-test-november-45-small
  • sweet-lamb-test-november-46-small
  • sweet-lamb-test-november-47-small
  • sweet-lamb-test-november-48-small
  • sweet-lamb-test-november-49-small
  • sweet-lamb-test-november-50-small
  • sweet-lamb-test-november-51-small
  • sweet-lamb-test-november-52-small
  • sweet-lamb-test-november-53-small
  • sweet-lamb-test-november-54-small
  • sweet-lamb-test-november-55-small
  • sweet-lamb-test-november-56-small
  • sweet-lamb-test-november-57-small
  • sweet-lamb-test-november-58-small
  • sweet-lamb-test-november-59-small
  • sweet-lamb-test-november-60-small
  • sweet-lamb-test-november-61-small
  • sweet-lamb-test-november-62-small
  • sweet-lamb-test-november-63-small
  • sweet-lamb-test-november-64-small
  • sweet-lamb-test-november-65-small
  • sweet-lamb-test-november-66-small
  • sweet-lamb-test-november-67-small
  • sweet-lamb-test-november-68-small
  • sweet-lamb-test-november-69-small
  • sweet-lamb-test-november-70-small
  • sweet-lamb-test-november-71-small
  • sweet-lamb-test-november-72-small
  • sweet-lamb-test-november-73-small
  • sweet-lamb-test-november-74-small
  • sweet-lamb-test-november-75-small
  • sweet-lamb-test-november-76-small
  • sweet-lamb-test-november-77-small
  • sweet-lamb-test-november-78-small

Sweet Lamb Test November 18th-19th 2021

Having recently rebuilt the Citroen DS3 R5 rally car for USA based racing driver Kyle Tilley, we took the newly wrapped car to meet Kyle at Sweet Lamb for a couple of days testing. Kyle brought along the very experienced co-driver Rhianon Gelsomino who was there to coach another co-drive Sarah Freeze and to give Kyle some tips on making notes. The car ran perfectly over the 2 days with some challenging weather conditions for the driver and co-drivers.

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  • Rally Day 2021 059 Xlarge
  • race-retro-2019-05-small
  • race-retro-2020-16-small
  • rally-day-2021-001-small
  • rally-day-2021-002-small
  • rally-day-2021-003-small
  • rally-day-2021-004-small
  • rally-day-2021-005-small
  • rally-day-2021-006-small
  • rally-day-2021-007-small
  • rally-day-2021-008-small
  • rally-day-2021-009-small
  • rally-day-2021-010-small
  • rally-day-2021-011-small
  • rally-day-2021-012-small
  • rally-day-2021-013-small
  • rally-day-2021-014-small
  • rally-day-2021-015-small
  • rally-day-2021-016-small
  • rally-day-2021-017-small
  • rally-day-2021-018-small
  • rally-day-2021-019-small
  • rally-day-2021-020-small
  • rally-day-2021-021-small
  • rally-day-2021-022-small
  • rally-day-2021-023-small
  • rally-day-2021-024-small
  • rally-day-2021-025-small
  • rally-day-2021-026-small
  • rally-day-2021-027-small
  • rally-day-2021-028-small
  • rally-day-2021-029-small
  • rally-day-2021-030-small
  • rally-day-2021-031-small
  • rally-day-2021-032-small
  • rally-day-2021-033-small
  • rally-day-2021-034-small
  • rally-day-2021-035-small
  • rally-day-2021-036-small
  • rally-day-2021-037-small
  • rally-day-2021-038-small
  • rally-day-2021-039-small
  • rally-day-2021-040-small
  • rally-day-2021-041-small
  • rally-day-2021-042-small
  • rally-day-2021-043-small
  • rally-day-2021-044-small
  • rally-day-2021-045-small
  • rally-day-2021-046-small
  • rally-day-2021-047-small
  • rally-day-2021-048-small
  • rally-day-2021-049-small
  • rally-day-2021-050-small
  • rally-day-2021-051-small
  • rally-day-2021-052-small
  • rally-day-2021-053-small
  • rally-day-2021-054-small
  • rally-day-2021-055-small
  • rally-day-2021-056-small
  • rally-day-2021-057-small
  • rally-day-2021-058-small
  • rally-day-2021-059-small
  • rally-day-2021-060-small
  • rally-day-2021-061-small
  • rally-day-2021-062-small
  • rally-day-2021-063-small
  • rally-day-2021-064-small
  • rally-day-2021-065-small
  • rally-day-2021-066-small
  • rally-day-2021-067-small
  • rally-day-2021-068-small
  • rally-day-2021-069-small
  • rally-day-2021-070-small
  • rally-day-2021-071-small
  • rally-day-2021-072-small
  • rally-day-2021-073-small
  • rally-day-2021-074-small
  • rally-day-2021-075-small
  • rally-day-2021-076-small
  • rally-day-2021-077-small
  • rally-day-2021-078-small
  • rally-day-2021-079-small
  • rally-day-2021-080-small
  • rally-day-2021-081-small
  • rally-day-2021-082-small
  • rally-day-2021-083-small
  • rally-day-2021-084-small
  • rally-day-2021-085-small
  • rally-day-2021-086-small
  • rally-day-2021-087-small
  • rally-day-2021-088-small
  • rally-day-2021-089-small
  • rally-day-2021-090-small
  • rally-day-2021-091-small
  • rally-day-2021-092-small
  • rally-day-2021-093-small
  • rally-day-2021-094-small
  • rally-day-2021-095-small
  • rally-day-2021-096-small
  • rally-day-2021-097-small
  • rally-day-2021-098-small
  • rally-day-2021-099-small
  • rally-day-2021-100-small
  • rally-day-2021-101-small
  • rally-day-2021-102-small
  • rally-day-2021-103-small
  • rally-day-2021-104-small
  • rally-day-2021-105-small
  • rally-day-2021-106-small
  • rally-day-2021-107-small
  • rally-day-2021-108-small
  • rally-day-2021-110-small
  • rally-day-2021-111-small
  • rally-day-2021-112-small
  • rally-day-2021-113-small
  • rally-day-2021-114-small
  • rally-day-2021-115-small
  • rally-day-2021-116-small
  • rally-day-2021-117-small

Rallyday 2021

BGMsport once again supported Rallyday at Castle Combe last weekend and it was a pleasure to work with the team from Castle Combe to pull together all the cars and drivers for the Legends Rally Stage and the parade of the Burns and McRae cars.

We would like to thank our own customers Steve Rimmer, DirtFish, Max Girardo, Karsten Le Blanc and all our other customers involved for being a part of the event and thank you to all the other owner/drivers that were invited for taking part in a special day. It was quite a sight to see Richard’s and Colin’s cars all together and these two Legends will always be remembered.

It was a real treat and pleasure to have Craig Breen and Mark Higgins drive our cars on the day along with Paul Howarth and our own Ian Gwynne driving some very special cars, everyone had a great time!

Hoping that those of you that attended the event had a great day and we look forward to the next one!

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  • Richard Burns 2002 Peugeot 206 Wrc Car 10 Xlarge
  • richard-burns-2002-peugeot-206-wrc-car-01-small
  • richard-burns-2002-peugeot-206-wrc-car-02-small
  • richard-burns-2002-peugeot-206-wrc-car-03-small
  • richard-burns-2002-peugeot-206-wrc-car-04-small
  • richard-burns-2002-peugeot-206-wrc-car-05-small
  • richard-burns-2002-peugeot-206-wrc-car-06-small
  • richard-burns-2002-peugeot-206-wrc-car-07-small
  • richard-burns-2002-peugeot-206-wrc-car-08-small
  • richard-burns-2002-peugeot-206-wrc-car-09-small
  • richard-burns-2002-peugeot-206-wrc-car-10-small
  • richard-burns-2002-peugeot-206-wrc-car-11-small
  • richard-burns-2002-peugeot-206-wrc-car-12-small
  • richard-burns-2002-peugeot-206-wrc-car-13-small
  • richard-burns-2002-peugeot-206-wrc-car-14-small
  • richard-burns-2002-peugeot-206-wrc-car-15-small
  • richard-burns-2002-peugeot-206-wrc-car-16-small
  • richard-burns-2002-peugeot-206-wrc-car-17-small
  • richard-burns-2002-peugeot-206-wrc-car-18-small
  • richard-burns-2002-peugeot-206-wrc-car-19-small
  • richard-burns-2002-peugeot-206-wrc-car-20-small
  • richard-burns-2002-peugeot-206-wrc-car-21-small
  • richard-burns-2002-peugeot-206-wrc-car-22-small
  • richard-burns-2002-peugeot-206-wrc-car-23-small
  • richard-burns-2002-peugeot-206-wrc-car-24-small
  • richard-burns-2002-peugeot-206-wrc-car-25-small
  • richard-burns-2002-peugeot-206-wrc-car-26-small
  • richard-burns-2002-peugeot-206-wrc-car-27-small
  • richard-burns-2002-peugeot-206-wrc-car-28-small
  • richard-burns-2002-peugeot-206-wrc-car-29-small
  • richard-burns-2002-peugeot-206-wrc-car-30-small
  • richard-burns-2002-peugeot-206-wrc-car-31-small
  • richard-burns-2002-peugeot-206-wrc-car-32-small
  • richard-burns-2002-peugeot-206-wrc-car-33-small
  • richard-burns-2002-peugeot-206-wrc-car-34-small
  • richard-burns-2002-peugeot-206-wrc-car-35-small
  • richard-burns-2002-peugeot-206-wrc-car-36-small
  • richard-burns-2002-peugeot-206-wrc-car-37-small
  • richard-burns-2002-peugeot-206-wrc-car-38-small
  • richard-burns-2002-peugeot-206-wrc-car-39-small
  • richard-burns-2002-peugeot-206-wrc-car-40-small
  • richard-burns-2002-peugeot-206-wrc-car-41-small
  • richard-burns-2002-peugeot-206-wrc-car-42-small
  • richard-burns-2002-peugeot-206-wrc-car-43-small
  • richard-burns-2002-peugeot-206-wrc-car-44-small
  • richard-burns-2002-peugeot-206-wrc-car-45-small
  • richard-burns-2002-peugeot-206-wrc-car-46-small
  • richard-burns-2002-peugeot-206-wrc-car-47-small
  • richard-burns-2002-peugeot-206-wrc-car-48-small
  • richard-burns-2002-peugeot-206-wrc-car-49-small
  • richard-burns-2002-peugeot-206-wrc-car-50-small
  • richard-burns-2002-peugeot-206-wrc-car-51-small
  • richard-burns-2002-peugeot-206-wrc-car-52-small
  • richard-burns-2002-peugeot-206-wrc-car-53-small
  • richard-burns-2002-peugeot-206-wrc-car-54-small
  • richard-burns-2002-peugeot-206-wrc-car-55-small
  • richard-burns-2002-peugeot-206-wrc-car-56-small
  • richard-burns-2002-peugeot-206-wrc-car-57-small
  • richard-burns-2002-peugeot-206-wrc-car-58-small
  • richard-burns-2002-peugeot-206-wrc-car-59-small
  • richard-burns-2002-peugeot-206-wrc-car-60-small
  • richard-burns-2002-peugeot-206-wrc-car-61-small
  • richard-burns-2002-peugeot-206-wrc-car-62-small
  • richard-burns-2002-peugeot-206-wrc-car-63-small
  • richard-burns-2002-peugeot-206-wrc-car-64-small
  • richard-burns-rally-gb-winner-15-small

Richard Burns 2002 Peugeot 206 WRC Car

It is with great pleasure that we have this fabulous Burnsie Peugeot 206 WRC in our care. Richard and Robert Reid drove this car to 2nd overall on Rallye Catalunya The car was supplied by the team at ‘Girardo & Co’ recently to its new owner Steve Rimmer.

We have recently put the car through our workshop and given it a good check over and service and amended a few minor details.

Well of course it then needed a run………………

So, we thought it would be a good idea for Ian to take it for a drive and ask Mrs Gwynne to come along and take some photos………………..More to follow in the coming weeks on this car…………….

Truly wonderful car and very fitting that we have another Burns car in our care 20 years after he won the World Rally Championship.

We will take great care of all them along with all the other fabulous cars we look after 😊

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  • Citroen C4 Wrc 02 Xlarge
  • citroen-c4-wrc-01-small
  • citroen-c4-wrc-02-small
  • citroen-c4-wrc-03-small
  • citroen-c4-wrc-04-small
  • citroen-c4-wrc-05-small
  • citroen-c4-wrc-06-small
  • citroen-c4-wrc-07-small
  • citroen-c4-wrc-08-small
  • citroen-c4-wrc-09-small
  • citroen-c4-wrc-10-small
  • citroen-c4-wrc-11-small
  • citroen-c4-wrc-12-small
  • citroen-c4-wrc-13-small
  • citroen-c4-wrc-14-small
  • citroen-c4-wrc-15-small
  • citroen-c4-wrc-16-small
  • citroen-c4-wrc-17-small
  • citroen-c4-wrc-18-small
  • citroen-c4-wrc-19-small
  • citroen-c4-wrc-20-small

Citroen C4 WRC

When Max Girardo from ‘Girardo & Co’ told us there was a Citroen arriving here for us to prepare and run at Goodwood Festival of Speed 2021, we were quite excited when the car arrived at our workshop as we had no idea which car it would be! The car that arrived was the Citroen C4 WRC that Sebastian Loeb won 4 WRC events in!!!!

Max drove the car at a venue in Wales and also to record a video of the car in action, this was a great opportunity for us to take a few photos of this fab car in such a beautiful setting to share.

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  • Travis Pastrana And Jimmy Mcrae Goodwood 07 Xlarge
  • travis-pastrana-and-jimmy-mcrae-goodwood-01-small
  • travis-pastrana-and-jimmy-mcrae-goodwood-02-small
  • travis-pastrana-and-jimmy-mcrae-goodwood-03-small
  • travis-pastrana-and-jimmy-mcrae-goodwood-04-small
  • travis-pastrana-and-jimmy-mcrae-goodwood-05-small
  • travis-pastrana-and-jimmy-mcrae-goodwood-06-small
  • travis-pastrana-and-jimmy-mcrae-goodwood-07-small
  • travis-pastrana-and-jimmy-mcrae-goodwood-08-small
  • travis-pastrana-and-jimmy-mcrae-goodwood-09-small
  • travis-pastrana-and-jimmy-mcrae-goodwood-10-small
  • travis-pastrana-and-jimmy-mcrae-goodwood-11-small
  • travis-pastrana-and-jimmy-mcrae-goodwood-12-small
  • travis-pastrana-and-jimmy-mcrae-goodwood-13-small
  • travis-pastrana-and-jimmy-mcrae-goodwood-14-small
  • travis-pastrana-and-jimmy-mcrae-goodwood-15-small
  • travis-pastrana-and-jimmy-mcrae-goodwood-16-small
  • travis-pastrana-and-jimmy-mcrae-goodwood-17-small
  • travis-pastrana-and-jimmy-mcrae-goodwood-18-small
  • travis-pastrana-and-jimmy-mcrae-goodwood-19-small
  • travis-pastrana-and-jimmy-mcrae-goodwood-21-small
  • travis-pastrana-and-jimmy-mcrae-goodwood-22-small
  • travis-pastrana-and-jimmy-mcrae-goodwood-23-small
  • travis-pastrana-and-jimmy-mcrae-goodwood-24-small

Travis Pastrana and Jimmy McRae team up at the Goodwood FOS with BGMsport

We all love Travis Pastrana here at BGMsport and have been lucky enough to previously have him drive with the team, so we were all blown away when he came to drive Steve Rimmer’s Subaru Legacy and Max Girardo’s Subaru WRC, both McRae cars, we also had a moment when we had three of Colin's Rally cars all in the stage at the same time with our team hero Jimmy McRae leading the pack, the other car in the trio was Karsten Le Blanc’s Subaru safari car.

Everyone had a big grin as there were lots of big skids on a very slippery stage, even Travis had a spin, but nothing could have wiped the smile off our faces when all joined together for a team BGMsport driver photo.

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  • Pikes Peak Fiesta Goodwood Fos 2021 09 Xlarge
  • pikes-peak-fiesta-goodwood-fos-2021-01-small
  • pikes-peak-fiesta-goodwood-fos-2021-02-small
  • pikes-peak-fiesta-goodwood-fos-2021-03-small
  • pikes-peak-fiesta-goodwood-fos-2021-04-small
  • pikes-peak-fiesta-goodwood-fos-2021-05-small
  • pikes-peak-fiesta-goodwood-fos-2021-06-small
  • pikes-peak-fiesta-goodwood-fos-2021-07-small
  • pikes-peak-fiesta-goodwood-fos-2021-08-small
  • pikes-peak-fiesta-goodwood-fos-2021-09-small
  • pikes-peak-fiesta-goodwood-fos-2021-10-small
  • pikes-peak-fiesta-goodwood-fos-2021-11-small
  • pikes-peak-fiesta-goodwood-fos-2021-12-small
  • pikes-peak-fiesta-goodwood-fos-2021-13-small
  • pikes-peak-fiesta-goodwood-fos-2021-14-small
  • pikes-peak-fiesta-goodwood-fos-2021-15-small
  • pikes-peak-fiesta-goodwood-fos-2021-16-small
  • pikes-peak-fiesta-goodwood-fos-2021-17-small
  • pikes-peak-fiesta-goodwood-fos-2021-18-small
  • pikes-peak-fiesta-goodwood-fos-2021-19-small

Pikes Peak Fiesta in the Timed Shoot at The Goodwood FOS 2021

It was a real treat for Ian to be invited to drive the Pikes Peak Fiesta in the Timed Shoot out at this year’s Festival of Speed. Having only briefly driven the car before, it was quite a car to tame on the hill in some tricky conditions at times.

Ian’s intention was to qualify in the Top Ten Shoot Out which he achieved and was very happy with that 😊 Special thanks to Steve Rimmer for the loan of the car and I am sure you were happy to see it arrive at the top of the hill in one piece, hopefully a few more people are now aware of it! Great fun and all big smiles!!!!!

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  • Tr7 Test Walters Arena 27 Xlarge
  • tr7-test-walters-arena-01-small
  • tr7-test-walters-arena-02-small
  • tr7-test-walters-arena-03-small
  • tr7-test-walters-arena-04-small
  • tr7-test-walters-arena-05-small
  • tr7-test-walters-arena-06-small
  • tr7-test-walters-arena-07-small
  • tr7-test-walters-arena-08-small
  • tr7-test-walters-arena-09-small
  • tr7-test-walters-arena-10-small
  • tr7-test-walters-arena-11-small
  • tr7-test-walters-arena-12-small
  • tr7-test-walters-arena-13-small
  • tr7-test-walters-arena-14-small
  • tr7-test-walters-arena-15-small
  • tr7-test-walters-arena-16-small
  • tr7-test-walters-arena-17-small
  • tr7-test-walters-arena-18-small
  • tr7-test-walters-arena-19-small
  • tr7-test-walters-arena-20-small
  • tr7-test-walters-arena-21-small
  • tr7-test-walters-arena-22-small
  • tr7-test-walters-arena-23-small
  • tr7-test-walters-arena-24-small
  • tr7-test-walters-arena-25-small
  • tr7-test-walters-arena-26-small
  • tr7-test-walters-arena-27-small
  • tr7-test-walters-arena-28-small
  • tr7-test-walters-arena-29-small
  • tr7-test-walters-arena-30-small
  • tr7-test-walters-arena-31-small
  • tr7-test-walters-arena-32-small
  • tr7-test-walters-arena-33-small
  • tr7-test-walters-arena-34-small
  • tr7-test-walters-arena-35-small
  • tr7-test-walters-arena-36-small
  • tr7-test-walters-arena-37-small
  • tr7-test-walters-arena-38-small
  • tr7-test-walters-arena-39-small
  • tr7-test-walters-arena-40-small

TR7 Test Walters Arena

We took the Safari spec TR7 V8 of Frank Tundo to Walters Arena to do some test miles in the car.

The car ran perfectly all day and after a few adjustments to the dampers and springs it was amazing.

This 40 + year old car coped with some extremely rough roads, in fact one road used was more suitable for a proper off road truck!!

Ian said it was a very rewarding and enjoyable day driving the TR7 and was very pleased that the car ran so well.

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  • Richard Burns Rally Gb Winner 24 Xlarge
  • richard-burns-rally-gb-winner-0-small
  • richard-burns-rally-gb-winner-1-small
  • richard-burns-rally-gb-winner-10-small
  • richard-burns-rally-gb-winner-11-small
  • richard-burns-rally-gb-winner-12-small
  • richard-burns-rally-gb-winner-13-small
  • richard-burns-rally-gb-winner-14-small
  • richard-burns-rally-gb-winner-15-small
  • richard-burns-rally-gb-winner-16-small
  • richard-burns-rally-gb-winner-17-small
  • richard-burns-rally-gb-winner-18-small
  • richard-burns-rally-gb-winner-19-small
  • richard-burns-rally-gb-winner-2-small
  • richard-burns-rally-gb-winner-20-small
  • richard-burns-rally-gb-winner-21-small
  • richard-burns-rally-gb-winner-22-small
  • richard-burns-rally-gb-winner-23-small
  • richard-burns-rally-gb-winner-24-small
  • richard-burns-rally-gb-winner-25-small
  • richard-burns-rally-gb-winner-26-small
  • richard-burns-rally-gb-winner-27-small
  • richard-burns-rally-gb-winner-28-small
  • richard-burns-rally-gb-winner-29-small
  • richard-burns-rally-gb-winner-3-small
  • richard-burns-rally-gb-winner-30-small
  • richard-burns-rally-gb-winner-31-small
  • richard-burns-rally-gb-winner-32-small
  • richard-burns-rally-gb-winner-33-small
  • richard-burns-rally-gb-winner-34-small
  • richard-burns-rally-gb-winner-35-small
  • richard-burns-rally-gb-winner-36-small
  • richard-burns-rally-gb-winner-37-small
  • richard-burns-rally-gb-winner-38-small
  • richard-burns-rally-gb-winner-39-small
  • richard-burns-rally-gb-winner-4-small
  • richard-burns-rally-gb-winner-40-small
  • richard-burns-rally-gb-winner-41-small
  • richard-burns-rally-gb-winner-42-small
  • richard-burns-rally-gb-winner-43-small
  • richard-burns-rally-gb-winner-44-small
  • richard-burns-rally-gb-winner-45-small
  • richard-burns-rally-gb-winner-46-small
  • richard-burns-rally-gb-winner-47-small
  • richard-burns-rally-gb-winner-48-small
  • richard-burns-rally-gb-winner-49-small
  • richard-burns-rally-gb-winner-5-small
  • richard-burns-rally-gb-winner-50-small
  • richard-burns-rally-gb-winner-51-small
  • richard-burns-rally-gb-winner-52-small
  • richard-burns-rally-gb-winner-53-small
  • richard-burns-rally-gb-winner-54-small
  • richard-burns-rally-gb-winner-55-small
  • richard-burns-rally-gb-winner-56-small
  • richard-burns-rally-gb-winner-57-small
  • richard-burns-rally-gb-winner-58-small
  • richard-burns-rally-gb-winner-59-small
  • richard-burns-rally-gb-winner-6-small
  • richard-burns-rally-gb-winner-60-small
  • richard-burns-rally-gb-winner-61-small
  • richard-burns-rally-gb-winner-62-small
  • richard-burns-rally-gb-winner-63-small
  • richard-burns-rally-gb-winner-64-small
  • richard-burns-rally-gb-winner-65-small
  • richard-burns-rally-gb-winner-66-small
  • richard-burns-rally-gb-winner-67-small
  • richard-burns-rally-gb-winner-68-small
  • richard-burns-rally-gb-winner-7-small
  • richard-burns-rally-gb-winner-8-small
  • richard-burns-rally-gb-winner-9-small

Ex Prodrive Richard Burns Subaru WRC Network Q Rally GB Winner

In year 2000, Richard Burns won the rally outright in this wonderfully original ex works car and BGMsport have had the pleasure of looking after the car for its current owner Chris Wilson for the past 3 years.

A few weeks ago, Ian was asked to take the car to the Sweet Lamb rally complex in Wales to drive it for a video film. We arrived a day early and took the opportunity to use the beautiful landscape around the Sweet Lamb complex to take some photos to truly do justice to the car in a place where rallying once thrived in the heart of Wales and indeed on some of the roads it was driven on 21 years ago!!! The following day we did a behind the scenes photo shoot as we followed the camera crew as they made a pretty special video. Ian did a great job driving the car and keeping it safe and had no hesitation in adding that it was truly a joy and an honour to be trusted to drive the car but to also have had a hand in keeping the car as original as possible, especially as Ian was friends with “Burnsie” from a very early age.

The car was recently sold by Collecting Cars and the video can be seen on Youtube and also on our Facebook page. We are pleased to add that for the short term the car will remain at BGMsport.

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  • Walters Arena Wales 04 Xlarge
  • walters-arena-wales-01-small
  • walters-arena-wales-02-small
  • walters-arena-wales-03-small
  • walters-arena-wales-04-small
  • walters-arena-wales-05-small
  • walters-arena-wales-06-small
  • walters-arena-wales-07-small
  • walters-arena-wales-08-small
  • walters-arena-wales-09-small
  • walters-arena-wales-10-small
  • walters-arena-wales-11-small
  • walters-arena-wales-12-small
  • walters-arena-wales-13-small
  • walters-arena-wales-14-small
  • walters-arena-wales-15-small
  • walters-arena-wales-16-small
  • walters-arena-wales-17-small
  • walters-arena-wales-18-small
  • walters-arena-wales-19-small
  • walters-arena-wales-20-small
  • walters-arena-wales-21-small
  • walters-arena-wales-22-small
  • walters-arena-wales-23-small
  • walters-arena-wales-24-small
  • walters-arena-wales-25-small
  • walters-arena-wales-26-small
  • walters-arena-wales-27-small
  • walters-arena-wales-28-small
  • walters-arena-wales-29-small
  • walters-arena-wales-30-small
  • walters-arena-wales-32-small
  • walters-arena-wales-33-small
  • walters-arena-wales-34-small
  • walters-arena-wales-35-small
  • walters-arena-wales-36-small
  • walters-arena-wales-37-small
  • walters-arena-wales-38-small
  • walters-arena-wales-39-small
  • walters-arena-wales-40-small
  • walters-arena-wales-41-small
  • walters-arena-wales-42-small
  • walters-arena-wales-43-small
  • walters-arena-wales-44-small
  • walters-arena-wales-45-small
  • walters-arena-wales-46-small
  • walters-arena-wales-47-small
  • walters-arena-wales-48-small
  • walters-arena-wales-49-small
  • walters-arena-wales-50-small
  • walters-arena-wales-51-small
  • walters-arena-wales-52-small
  • walters-arena-wales-53-small
  • walters-arena-wales-54-small
  • walters-arena-wales-55-small
  • walters-arena-wales-56-small
  • walters-arena-wales-57-small
  • walters-arena-wales-58-small
  • walters-arena-wales-59-small
  • walters-arena-wales-60-small
  • walters-arena-wales-61-small
  • walters-arena-wales-62-small
  • walters-arena-wales-63-small
  • walters-arena-wales-64-small
  • walters-arena-wales-65-small
  • walters-arena-wales-66-small
  • walters-arena-wales-67-small
  • walters-arena-wales-68-small
  • walters-arena-wales-69-small
  • walters-arena-wales-70-small
  • walters-arena-wales-71-small
  • walters-arena-wales-72-small
  • walters-arena-wales-73-small
  • walters-arena-wales-74-small
  • walters-arena-wales-75-small
  • walters-arena-wales-76-small
  • walters-arena-wales-77-small
  • walters-arena-wales-78-small

Walters Arena Wales

The team at BGMsport had a great fun day in Wales at Walters Arena on Wednesday this week.

We took 3..........yes 3 ex works Prodrive Subaru Impreza WRC cars for their owner drivers to enjoy for the day.

It was a real pleasure to have them all in Wales. Max Girardo drove P8 WRC, James Cottingham drove S10 SRT and Karsten Le Blanc drove R7 WRC which was recently restored by Howard and his team at Autosportif Engineering.

Karsten also brought along a friend from Holland for the day, Kevin Abbring, Hyundai Team driver…….it was also a pleasure to have him with us for the day.

The 3 team cars were also joined by owner driver Richard Cook driving his own Subaru WRC, S8 SRT! To see 4 of these iconic 2 door WRC out on the stages again was pretty impressive to say the least!!!!

Happy to see all the drivers with big smiles doing some big skids during the day!!!

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  • A Nice Pair Of Rs1800s 01 Xlarge
  • a-nice-pair-of-rs1800s-01-small
  • a-nice-pair-of-rs1800s-02-small
  • a-nice-pair-of-rs1800s-03-small
  • a-nice-pair-of-rs1800s-04-small
  • a-nice-pair-of-rs1800s-05-small
  • a-nice-pair-of-rs1800s-06-small
  • a-nice-pair-of-rs1800s-07-small
  • a-nice-pair-of-rs1800s-08-small
  • a-nice-pair-of-rs1800s-09-small
  • a-nice-pair-of-rs1800s-10-small
  • a-nice-pair-of-rs1800s-11-small
  • a-nice-pair-of-rs1800s-12-small
  • a-nice-pair-of-rs1800s-13-small
  • a-nice-pair-of-rs1800s-14-small
  • a-nice-pair-of-rs1800s-15-small
  • a-nice-pair-of-rs1800s-16-small
  • a-nice-pair-of-rs1800s-17-small
  • a-nice-pair-of-rs1800s-18-small
  • a-nice-pair-of-rs1800s-19-small
  • a-nice-pair-of-rs1800s-20-small
  • a-nice-pair-of-rs1800s-21-small
  • a-nice-pair-of-rs1800s-22-small
  • a-nice-pair-of-rs1800s-23-small
  • a-nice-pair-of-rs1800s-24-small
  • a-nice-pair-of-rs1800s-25-small
  • a-nice-pair-of-rs1800s-26-small
  • a-nice-pair-of-rs1800s-27-small

A Nice Pair Of RS1800's

Here is something we don’t get to see very often! Two RS1800, one fully restored and the other soon to have the BGMsport magic.

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  • Citroen Ds3 R5 Rally Car 09 Xlarge
  • citroen-ds3-r5-rally-car-01-small
  • citroen-ds3-r5-rally-car-02-small
  • citroen-ds3-r5-rally-car-03-small
  • citroen-ds3-r5-rally-car-04-small
  • citroen-ds3-r5-rally-car-05-small
  • citroen-ds3-r5-rally-car-06-small
  • citroen-ds3-r5-rally-car-07-small
  • citroen-ds3-r5-rally-car-08-small
  • citroen-ds3-r5-rally-car-09-small
  • citroen-ds3-r5-rally-car-10-small
  • citroen-ds3-r5-rally-car-11-small
  • citroen-ds3-r5-rally-car-12-small
  • citroen-ds3-r5-rally-car-13-small
  • citroen-ds3-r5-rally-car-14-small
  • citroen-ds3-r5-rally-car-15-small
  • citroen-ds3-r5-rally-car-16-small
  • citroen-ds3-r5-rally-car-17-small
  • citroen-ds3-r5-rally-car-18-small
  • citroen-ds3-r5-rally-car-19-small

Citroen DS3 R5 Rally Car

Here are a few photos of this lovely looking Citroen DS3 R5 rally car. The car was supplied by KG Motorsport who kindly put the new owner in touch with us. We have done some routine preparation on the car. We are now converting the car to gravel spec for the new owner.

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  • Ford Rs1700t Codemasters Gallery 11 Xlarge
  • ford-rs1700t-08-small
  • ford-rs1700t-codemasters-gallery-01-small
  • ford-rs1700t-codemasters-gallery-02-small
  • ford-rs1700t-codemasters-gallery-03-small
  • ford-rs1700t-codemasters-gallery-04-small
  • ford-rs1700t-codemasters-gallery-05-small
  • ford-rs1700t-codemasters-gallery-06-small
  • ford-rs1700t-codemasters-gallery-07-small
  • ford-rs1700t-codemasters-gallery-08-small
  • ford-rs1700t-codemasters-gallery-09-small
  • ford-rs1700t-codemasters-gallery-10-small
  • ford-rs1700t-codemasters-gallery-11-small
  • ford-rs1700t-codemasters-gallery-12-small
  • ford-rs1700t-codemasters-gallery-13-small
  • ford-rs1700t-codemasters-gallery-14-small
  • ford-rs1700t-codemasters-gallery-15-small
  • ford-rs1700t-codemasters-gallery-16-small
  • ford-rs1700t-codemasters-gallery-17-small
  • ford-rs1700t-codemasters-gallery-18-small
  • ford-rs1700t-codemasters-gallery-19-small
  • ford-rs1700t-codemasters-gallery-20-small
  • ford-rs1700t-codemasters-gallery-21-small
  • ford-rs1700t-codemasters-gallery-22-small
  • ford-rs1700t-codemasters-gallery-23-small
  • ford-rs1700t-codemasters-gallery-24-small
  • ford-rs1700t-codemasters-gallery-25-small
  • ford-rs1700t-codemasters-gallery-26-small
  • ford-rs1700t-codemasters-gallery-27-small
  • ford-rs1700t-codemasters-gallery-28-small
  • ford-rs1700t-codemasters-gallery-29-small
  • ford-rs1700t-codemasters-gallery-30-small
  • ford-rs1700t-codemasters-gallery-31-small
  • ford-rs1700t-codemasters-gallery-32-small
  • ford-rs1700t-codemasters-gallery-33-small
  • ford-rs1700t-codemasters-gallery-34-small
  • ford-rs1700t-codemasters-gallery-35-small
  • ford-rs1700t-codemasters-gallery-36-small
  • ford-rs1700t-codemasters-gallery-37-small
  • ford-rs1700t-codemasters-gallery-38-small

Ford RS1700T For Codemasters

It was nice to get back in the RS1700T for Codemasters to record the wonderful sound of this car for one of their new games.

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  • Original Gpb Audi Quattro S1 E2 55 Xlarge
  • original-gpb-audi-quattro-s1-e2-01-small
  • original-gpb-audi-quattro-s1-e2-02-small
  • original-gpb-audi-quattro-s1-e2-03-small
  • original-gpb-audi-quattro-s1-e2-04-small
  • original-gpb-audi-quattro-s1-e2-05-small
  • original-gpb-audi-quattro-s1-e2-06-small
  • original-gpb-audi-quattro-s1-e2-07-small
  • original-gpb-audi-quattro-s1-e2-08-small
  • original-gpb-audi-quattro-s1-e2-09-small
  • original-gpb-audi-quattro-s1-e2-10-small
  • original-gpb-audi-quattro-s1-e2-11-small
  • original-gpb-audi-quattro-s1-e2-12-small
  • original-gpb-audi-quattro-s1-e2-13-small
  • original-gpb-audi-quattro-s1-e2-14-small
  • original-gpb-audi-quattro-s1-e2-15-small
  • original-gpb-audi-quattro-s1-e2-16-small
  • original-gpb-audi-quattro-s1-e2-17-small
  • original-gpb-audi-quattro-s1-e2-18-small
  • original-gpb-audi-quattro-s1-e2-19-small
  • original-gpb-audi-quattro-s1-e2-20-small
  • original-gpb-audi-quattro-s1-e2-21-small
  • original-gpb-audi-quattro-s1-e2-22-small
  • original-gpb-audi-quattro-s1-e2-23-small
  • original-gpb-audi-quattro-s1-e2-24-small
  • original-gpb-audi-quattro-s1-e2-25-small
  • original-gpb-audi-quattro-s1-e2-26-small
  • original-gpb-audi-quattro-s1-e2-27-small
  • original-gpb-audi-quattro-s1-e2-28-small
  • original-gpb-audi-quattro-s1-e2-29-small
  • original-gpb-audi-quattro-s1-e2-30-small
  • original-gpb-audi-quattro-s1-e2-31-small
  • original-gpb-audi-quattro-s1-e2-32-small
  • original-gpb-audi-quattro-s1-e2-33-small
  • original-gpb-audi-quattro-s1-e2-34-small
  • original-gpb-audi-quattro-s1-e2-35-small
  • original-gpb-audi-quattro-s1-e2-36-small
  • original-gpb-audi-quattro-s1-e2-37-small
  • original-gpb-audi-quattro-s1-e2-38-small
  • original-gpb-audi-quattro-s1-e2-39-small
  • original-gpb-audi-quattro-s1-e2-41-small
  • original-gpb-audi-quattro-s1-e2-42-small
  • original-gpb-audi-quattro-s1-e2-43-small
  • original-gpb-audi-quattro-s1-e2-44-small
  • original-gpb-audi-quattro-s1-e2-45-small
  • original-gpb-audi-quattro-s1-e2-46-small
  • original-gpb-audi-quattro-s1-e2-47-small
  • original-gpb-audi-quattro-s1-e2-48-small
  • original-gpb-audi-quattro-s1-e2-49-small
  • original-gpb-audi-quattro-s1-e2-50-small
  • original-gpb-audi-quattro-s1-e2-51-small
  • original-gpb-audi-quattro-s1-e2-52-small
  • original-gpb-audi-quattro-s1-e2-53-small
  • original-gpb-audi-quattro-s1-e2-54-small
  • original-gpb-audi-quattro-s1-e2-55-small
  • original-gpb-audi-quattro-s1-e2-56-small
  • original-gpb-audi-quattro-s1-e2-57-small
  • original-gpb-audi-quattro-s1-e2-58-small
  • original-gpb-audi-quattro-s1-e2-59-small
  • original-gpb-audi-quattro-s1-e2-60-small
  • original-gpb-audi-quattro-s1-e2-61-small
  • original-gpb-audi-quattro-s1-e2-62-small
  • original-gpb-audi-quattro-s1-e2-63-small
  • original-gpb-audi-quattro-s1-e2-64-small
  • original-gpb-audi-quattro-s1-e2-65-small
  • original-gpb-audi-quattro-s1-e2-66-small

Original GpB Audi Quattro S1 E2

Here we have one very special and original GpB Audi Quattro S1 E2.

This car has recently been acquired through ‘Girardo & Co’ by our long term friend Steve Rimmer, owner of DirtFish, to form part of his amazing car collection, and guess what……………..he was happy for us to team up with ‘ Girardo & Co ‘ to help create their 2020 Christmas video!!! We have created a montage of photos, from when the car arrived at BGMsport and photos from behind the scenes of the Girardo video.

BGMsport were once again very proud to be a part of this years ‘ Girardo & Co ’ video, and as you can see, something a bit special!! Ian ( stunt driver 😊) in particular enjoyed himself as he was asked to drive the car, which didn’t need to be thought about for long!!!! Possibly one of the fastest tree deliveries!

The car was recently prepared in the BGMsport workshop and we hope you all enjoy the video and the behind the scenes photos.

Wishing Steve and family, the team at DirtFish, Max and his team at ‘ Girardo & Co ‘ our own team at BGMsport and all our customers, friends and followers a very “Audi” Christmas.

see the video below.

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  • Ex Works Peugeot 205 T16 Gpb Rally 25 Xlarge
  • ex-works-peugeot-205-t16-gpb-rally-01-small
  • ex-works-peugeot-205-t16-gpb-rally-02-small
  • ex-works-peugeot-205-t16-gpb-rally-03-small
  • ex-works-peugeot-205-t16-gpb-rally-04-small
  • ex-works-peugeot-205-t16-gpb-rally-05-small
  • ex-works-peugeot-205-t16-gpb-rally-06-small
  • ex-works-peugeot-205-t16-gpb-rally-07-small
  • ex-works-peugeot-205-t16-gpb-rally-08-small
  • ex-works-peugeot-205-t16-gpb-rally-09-small
  • ex-works-peugeot-205-t16-gpb-rally-10-small
  • ex-works-peugeot-205-t16-gpb-rally-11-small
  • ex-works-peugeot-205-t16-gpb-rally-12-small
  • ex-works-peugeot-205-t16-gpb-rally-13-small
  • ex-works-peugeot-205-t16-gpb-rally-14-small
  • ex-works-peugeot-205-t16-gpb-rally-15-small
  • ex-works-peugeot-205-t16-gpb-rally-16-small
  • ex-works-peugeot-205-t16-gpb-rally-17-small
  • ex-works-peugeot-205-t16-gpb-rally-18-small
  • ex-works-peugeot-205-t16-gpb-rally-19-small
  • ex-works-peugeot-205-t16-gpb-rally-20-small
  • ex-works-peugeot-205-t16-gpb-rally-21-small
  • ex-works-peugeot-205-t16-gpb-rally-22-small
  • ex-works-peugeot-205-t16-gpb-rally-23-small
  • ex-works-peugeot-205-t16-gpb-rally-24-small
  • ex-works-peugeot-205-t16-gpb-rally-25-small
  • ex-works-peugeot-205-t16-gpb-rally-26-small
  • ex-works-peugeot-205-t16-gpb-rally-27-small
  • ex-works-peugeot-205-t16-gpb-rally-28-small
  • ex-works-peugeot-205-t16-gpb-rally-29-small
  • ex-works-peugeot-205-t16-gpb-rally-30-small
  • ex-works-peugeot-205-t16-gpb-rally-31-small
  • ex-works-peugeot-205-t16-gpb-rally-32-small
  • ex-works-peugeot-205-t16-gpb-rally-33-small
  • ex-works-peugeot-205-t16-gpb-rally-34-small
  • ex-works-peugeot-205-t16-gpb-rally-35-small
  • ex-works-peugeot-205-t16-gpb-rally-36-small
  • ex-works-peugeot-205-t16-gpb-rally-37-small
  • ex-works-peugeot-205-t16-gpb-rally-38-small
  • ex-works-peugeot-205-t16-gpb-rally-39-small
  • ex-works-peugeot-205-t16-gpb-rally-40-small
  • ex-works-peugeot-205-t16-gpb-rally-41-small
  • ex-works-peugeot-205-t16-gpb-rally-42-small
  • ex-works-peugeot-205-t16-gpb-rally-43-small
  • ex-works-peugeot-205-t16-gpb-rally-44-small
  • ex-works-peugeot-205-t16-gpb-rally-45-small
  • ex-works-peugeot-205-t16-gpb-rally-46-small
  • ex-works-peugeot-205-t16-gpb-rally-47-small
  • ex-works-peugeot-205-t16-gpb-rally-48-small
  • ex-works-peugeot-205-t16-gpb-rally-49-small
  • ex-works-peugeot-205-t16-gpb-rally-50-small
  • ex-works-peugeot-205-t16-gpb-rally-51-small
  • ex-works-peugeot-205-t16-gpb-rally-52-small
  • ex-works-peugeot-205-t16-gpb-rally-53-small
  • ex-works-peugeot-205-t16-gpb-rally-54-small
  • ex-works-peugeot-205-t16-gpb-rally-55-small
  • ex-works-peugeot-205-t16-gpb-rally-56-small
  • ex-works-peugeot-205-t16-gpb-rally-57-small
  • ex-works-peugeot-205-t16-gpb-rally-58-small
  • ex-works-peugeot-205-t16-gpb-rally-59-small

Ex Works Peugeot 205 T16 GpB Rally

We have recently carried out some maintenance work on this extremely special ex works Peugeot 205 T16 GpB rally car for its owner.

The car won the Swedish Rally with Juha Kankkunen in 1986 and amazingly is in completely original condition.

We took the car to a local airfield for a test drive and the cars was stunning in all the right ways.

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  • Sunbeam Lotus 39 Xlarge
  • sunbeam-lotus-01-small
  • sunbeam-lotus-02-small
  • sunbeam-lotus-03-small
  • sunbeam-lotus-04-small
  • sunbeam-lotus-05-small
  • sunbeam-lotus-06-small
  • sunbeam-lotus-07-small
  • sunbeam-lotus-08-small
  • sunbeam-lotus-09-small
  • sunbeam-lotus-10-small
  • sunbeam-lotus-11-small
  • sunbeam-lotus-12-small
  • sunbeam-lotus-13-small
  • sunbeam-lotus-14-small
  • sunbeam-lotus-15-small
  • sunbeam-lotus-16-small
  • sunbeam-lotus-17-small
  • sunbeam-lotus-18-small
  • sunbeam-lotus-19-small
  • sunbeam-lotus-20-small
  • sunbeam-lotus-21-small
  • sunbeam-lotus-22-small
  • sunbeam-lotus-23-small
  • sunbeam-lotus-24-small
  • sunbeam-lotus-25-small
  • sunbeam-lotus-26-small
  • sunbeam-lotus-27-small
  • sunbeam-lotus-28-small
  • sunbeam-lotus-29-small
  • sunbeam-lotus-30-small
  • sunbeam-lotus-31-small
  • sunbeam-lotus-32-small
  • sunbeam-lotus-33-small
  • sunbeam-lotus-34-small
  • sunbeam-lotus-35-small
  • sunbeam-lotus-36-small
  • sunbeam-lotus-37-small
  • sunbeam-lotus-38-small
  • sunbeam-lotus-39-small
  • sunbeam-lotus-40-small
  • sunbeam-lotus-41-small
  • sunbeam-lotus-42-small
  • sunbeam-lotus-43-small
  • sunbeam-lotus-44-small
  • sunbeam-lotus-45-small
  • sunbeam-lotus-46-small
  • sunbeam-lotus-47-small
  • sunbeam-lotus-48-small
  • sunbeam-lotus-49-small
  • sunbeam-lotus-50-small
  • sunbeam-lotus-51-small
  • sunbeam-lotus-52-small
  • sunbeam-lotus-53-small
  • sunbeam-lotus-54-small
  • sunbeam-lotus-55-small
  • sunbeam-lotus-56-small
  • sunbeam-lotus-57-small
  • sunbeam-lotus-58-small
  • sunbeam-lotus-59-small
  • sunbeam-lotus-60-small
  • sunbeam-lotus-61-small
  • sunbeam-lotus-63-small
  • sunbeam-lotus-64-small
  • sunbeam-lotus-65-small
  • sunbeam-lotus-66-small
  • sunbeam-lotus-67-small
  • sunbeam-lotus-68-small
  • sunbeam-lotus-69-small

Sunbeam Lotus

On the 19th November 1980, 40 Years ago, Henri Toivonen and Paul White won the Lombard RAC Rally in the famous Talbot Sunbeam Lotus, KKV 444V. Here at BGMsport, we are all extremely proud to have this car in our care for its owner, Steve Rimmer. This is one great car to have in Steve’s collection and Ian Gwynne along with David Evans of Dirtfish were lucky enough to do some driving in it recently. David published the full story on Dirtfish, please follow the link below to read.

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  • The R4 At Knockhill 09 Xlarge
  • the-r4-at-knockhill-01-small
  • the-r4-at-knockhill-02-small
  • the-r4-at-knockhill-03-small
  • the-r4-at-knockhill-04-small
  • the-r4-at-knockhill-06-small
  • the-r4-at-knockhill-07-small
  • the-r4-at-knockhill-08-small
  • the-r4-at-knockhill-09-small
  • the-r4-at-knockhill-10-small
  • the-r4-at-knockhill-11-small
  • the-r4-at-knockhill-12-small
  • the-r4-at-knockhill-13-small
  • the-r4-at-knockhill-14-small
  • the-r4-at-knockhill-15-small
  • the-r4-at-knockhill-16-small
  • the-r4-at-knockhill-17-small
  • the-r4-at-knockhill-18-small
  • the-r4-at-knockhill-19-small
  • the-r4-at-knockhill-20-small
  • the-r4-at-knockhill-21-small
  • the-r4-at-knockhill-22-small
  • the-r4-at-knockhill-23-small
  • the-r4-at-knockhill-24-small
  • the-r4-at-knockhill-25-small
  • the-r4-at-knockhill-26-small
  • the-r4-at-knockhill-27-small
  • the-r4-at-knockhill-28-small
  • the-r4-at-knockhill-29-small
  • the-r4-at-knockhill-30-small
  • the-r4-at-knockhill-31-small
  • the-r4-at-knockhill-32-small
  • the-r4-at-knockhill-33-small
  • the-r4-at-knockhill-34-small
  • the-r4-at-knockhill-35-small
  • the-r4-at-knockhill-36-small
  • the-r4-at-knockhill-37-small
  • the-r4-at-knockhill-38-small
  • the-r4-at-knockhill-39-small
  • the-r4-at-knockhill-40-small
  • the-r4-at-knockhill-41-small
  • the-r4-at-knockhill-42-small
  • the-r4-at-knockhill-43-small
  • the-r4-at-knockhill-44-small
  • the-r4-at-knockhill-45-small
  • the-r4-at-knockhill-46-small
  • the-r4-at-knockhill-48-small
  • the-r4-at-knockhill-49-small
  • the-r4-at-knockhill-50-small
  • the-r4-at-knockhill-51-small
  • the-r4-at-knockhill-52-small
  • the-r4-at-knockhill-53-small
  • the-r4-at-knockhill-54-small
  • the-r4-at-knockhill-55-small
  • the-r4-at-knockhill-56-small

The R4 At Knockhill

We are all proud here at BGMsport to have worked on the very special McRae R4 car recently.

Once the car was finished, we headed up to sunny Knockhill late last month to meet Jimmy and DirtFish writer David Evans to allow Jimmy to test the car and for David to write a story for DirtFish.

It was a lovely clear and bright day, but not as bright as the smile om Jimmy’s face as he put the car through its paces and gave it a big thumbs up !! It was great to see Jim driving the car.

Special thanks to Stuart Gray at Knockhill Racing Circuit for helping us all put this together, we are very grateful.

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  • Goodwood Speedweek 08 Xlarge
  • goodwood-speedweek-01-small
  • goodwood-speedweek-02-small
  • goodwood-speedweek-03-small
  • goodwood-speedweek-04-small
  • goodwood-speedweek-06-small
  • goodwood-speedweek-07-small
  • goodwood-speedweek-08-small
  • goodwood-speedweek-09-small
  • goodwood-speedweek-10-small

BGMsport@ Goodwood Speedweek

In these difficult time it was great to be able to send some of our customer cars to the Goodwood Speedweek. At the show was Ryan Champion who drove his ex works Subaru Impreza GpA car with his wife Jemma co-driving in the demo class putting on a great flamboyant display as usual!

Kevin Furber and Andy Medlicott competed in their newly acquired Peugeot 208 R5 car for the very first time and Max Girardo and Marcus Willis competed in Max’s very loud Lancia Stratos Gp4 car!!

The cars were looked after at the event by our BGMsport team of Paul, Chris, Nick and Dean.

Goodwood have put together this event due to other major events at the venue being cancelled this year, so well done to all the team there for achieving this.

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  • Colin Mcrae R4 Car 01 Xlarge
  • colin-mcrae-r4-car-01-small
  • colin-mcrae-r4-car-02-small
  • colin-mcrae-r4-car-03-small
  • colin-mcrae-r4-car-04-small
  • colin-mcrae-r4-car-05-small
  • colin-mcrae-r4-car-06-small
  • colin-mcrae-r4-car-07-small
  • colin-mcrae-r4-car-08-small
  • colin-mcrae-r4-car-09-small

Colin McRae R4 Car

The team here at BGMsport are extremely proud to have another one of Colin McRae’s cars in our workshops to have some re-commissioning and routine maintenance work done, it is a real honour.

This particular car is unique, there is only one of them. Conceived by Colin as an affordable 4 wheel drive competition car, its space frame chassis is powered by a Millington 2500cc engine mated to a sequential gearbox and mechanical diffs with inboard dampers.

The car was last driven in public by Colin when he demonstrated the car in 2007 at the Goodwood Festival of Speed after some time was spent developing the car.

We are so happy to be intrusted by the McRae family to take care of these very iconic cars.

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  • Network Q Rally Revival Chester 2020 04 Xlarge
  • network-q-rally-revival-chester-2020-01-small
  • network-q-rally-revival-chester-2020-02-small
  • network-q-rally-revival-chester-2020-03-small
  • network-q-rally-revival-chester-2020-04-small
  • network-q-rally-revival-chester-2020-05-small
  • network-q-rally-revival-chester-2020-06-small
  • network-q-rally-revival-chester-2020-07-small
  • network-q-rally-revival-chester-2020-08-small
  • network-q-rally-revival-chester-2020-09-small
  • network-q-rally-revival-chester-2020-10-small
  • network-q-rally-revival-chester-2020-11-small
  • network-q-rally-revival-chester-2020-12-small
  • network-q-rally-revival-chester-2020-13-small

Network Q Rally Revival, Chester 2020

BGMsport attended the Network Q Rally Revival based at Chester Race Course which was arranged to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Colin McRae winning the World Rally Championship.

Ian Gwynne drove the ex Colin McRae Subaru Legacy with DirtFish senior staff writer David Evans alongside to enjoy the fun and guide him round. With such stars like Jimmy McRae, Nicky Grist, Derek Ringer, Matt Edwards, Louise Aitken-Walker and Howard Davies attending it really was a memorable event.

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  • Race Retro 2020 14 Xlarge
  • race-retro-2019-05-small
  • race-retro-2020-01-small
  • race-retro-2020-02-small
  • race-retro-2020-03-small
  • race-retro-2020-04-small
  • race-retro-2020-05-small
  • race-retro-2020-06-small
  • race-retro-2020-07-small
  • race-retro-2020-08-small
  • race-retro-2020-09-small
  • race-retro-2020-10-small
  • race-retro-2020-11-small
  • race-retro-2020-12-small
  • race-retro-2020-13-small
  • race-retro-2020-14-small
  • race-retro-2020-15-small
  • race-retro-2020-16-small
  • race-retro-2020-17-small
  • race-retro-2020-18-small
  • race-retro-2020-19-small
  • race-retro-2020-20-small
  • race-retro-2020-21-small
  • race-retro-2020-22-small
  • race-retro-2020-23-small
  • rally-day-2021-059-small

Race Retro 2020

BGMsport was at Race Retro, located at Stoneleigh Park, Coventry, in the UK. Its a great event to get up close and personal to some pretty cool historic and a few modern rally cars.

BGMsport owner Ian Gwynne drove the DirtFish-liveried Ford Fiesta R5 while Jess Watts took to the drivers seat in the Renault 5 Turbo Tour de Corse. The Rally Stage at Race Retro is a very tight and slippery stage and with very changeable and challenging conditions.

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  • Renault 5 Turbo 1 And The Dirtfish Fiesta R5 14 Xlarge
  • renault-5-turbo-1-and-the-dirtfish-fiesta-r5-01-small
  • renault-5-turbo-1-and-the-dirtfish-fiesta-r5-02-small
  • renault-5-turbo-1-and-the-dirtfish-fiesta-r5-03-small
  • renault-5-turbo-1-and-the-dirtfish-fiesta-r5-04-small
  • renault-5-turbo-1-and-the-dirtfish-fiesta-r5-05-small
  • renault-5-turbo-1-and-the-dirtfish-fiesta-r5-06-small
  • renault-5-turbo-1-and-the-dirtfish-fiesta-r5-07-small
  • renault-5-turbo-1-and-the-dirtfish-fiesta-r5-08-small
  • renault-5-turbo-1-and-the-dirtfish-fiesta-r5-09-small
  • renault-5-turbo-1-and-the-dirtfish-fiesta-r5-10-small
  • renault-5-turbo-1-and-the-dirtfish-fiesta-r5-11-small
  • renault-5-turbo-1-and-the-dirtfish-fiesta-r5-12-small
  • renault-5-turbo-1-and-the-dirtfish-fiesta-r5-13-small
  • renault-5-turbo-1-and-the-dirtfish-fiesta-r5-14-small
  • renault-5-turbo-1-and-the-dirtfish-fiesta-r5-15-small
  • renault-5-turbo-1-and-the-dirtfish-fiesta-r5-16-small
  • renault-5-turbo-1-and-the-dirtfish-fiesta-r5-17-small
  • renault-5-turbo-1-and-the-dirtfish-fiesta-r5-18-small
  • renault-5-turbo-1-and-the-dirtfish-fiesta-r5-19-small
  • renault-5-turbo-1-and-the-dirtfish-fiesta-r5-20-small
  • renault-5-turbo-1-and-the-dirtfish-fiesta-r5-21-small
  • renault-5-turbo-1-and-the-dirtfish-fiesta-r5-22-small
  • renault-5-turbo-1-and-the-dirtfish-fiesta-r5-23-small
  • renault-5-turbo-1-and-the-dirtfish-fiesta-r5-24-small
  • renault-5-turbo-1-and-the-dirtfish-fiesta-r5-25-small
  • renault-5-turbo-1-and-the-dirtfish-fiesta-r5-26-small
  • renault-5-turbo-1-and-the-dirtfish-fiesta-r5-27-small
  • renault-5-turbo-1-and-the-dirtfish-fiesta-r5-28-small

Renault 5 Turbo 1 And The DirtFish Fiesta R5

Renault 5 Turbo 1 (1980) - Tour De Corse Specifications. The history of this little car is quite impressive winning the Coupe de France des Rallyes Regionnaux outright in 1985 & 1990, with other successes in French rally and hill climb championships as well as winning another Coupe de France des Rallye in 1995, it was also the winning car in the "Champion de la Coupe de France des Courses de Cote" (Group F) in 2001. Over the years this historic car has been the focus of considerable media attention.

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  • Autosport Show 2020 01 Xlarge
  • autosport-show-2020-01-small
  • autosport-show-2020-03-small
  • autosport-show-2020-04-small
  • autosport-show-2020-05-small
  • autosport-show-2020-06-small
  • autosport-show-2020-07-small
  • autosport-show-2020-08-small
  • autosport-show-2020-09-small
  • autosport-show-2020-10-small
  • autosport-show-2020-11-small
  • autosport-show-2020-12-small
  • autosport-show-2020-13-small
  • autosport-show-2020-14-small
  • autosport-show-2020-15-small
  • autosport-show-2020-16-small
  • autosport-show-2020-17-small
  • autosport-show-2020-18-small
  • autosport-show-2020-19-small
  • autosport-show-2020-20-small
  • autosport-show-2020-21-small
  • autosport-show-2020-22-small
  • autosport-show-2020-23-small
  • autosport-show-2020-24-small

BGMsport At The Autosport Show 2020

It was a real pleasure to be at the Autosports show in Birmingham, and we would like to say how wonderful it was to have so many visitors coming over to see our display and also to hear how many of you really appreciated our effort to be there. It really was smiles all round.

During our stay we had the current ERC Rally Champion Chris Ingram drop by to say hello. It was a pleasure to see Chris again having known him from the Junior Rally Cross days. He kindly brought his race suit from when he won the Junior ERC Rally Championship. It was also great to have Nicky Grist call by our stand at the Autosport Show and take a look over Steve Rimmer’s Martini Ford Focus WRC he co-drove with Colin McRae in 2001-2002. Nick kindly searched through all of his event stuff and found all the books relating to San Remo, Monte Carlo and Corsica which will now live with the car.

We also had a visit from Olly Clark and wife Deb's and super kids Ben and Archie to look at all the cars. They spotted Grandpa Rogers Clark’s Lotus Cortina and the boys couldn’t resist getting in the car and checking it over.

Twin brother DTV fans also visited the stand and gave us so much info about the Chevette it was great to talk to them.

It was wonderful to see so much interest in the cars on the stand and to get such great feedback. We really do appreciate the time people take to come over and talk to us about the renovation work we do and also to share stories and memories of some of these iconic car.

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  • Birds Eye View Workshop May 2019 03 Xlarge
  • birds-eye-view-workshop-may-2019-01-small
  • birds-eye-view-workshop-may-2019-02-small
  • birds-eye-view-workshop-may-2019-03-small

Birds Eye View Of The Workshop May 2019

Quick look around the workshop today, we have a few cars getting a bit of TLC and a few rebuilds in progress, and some cars getting prepared for some up and coming events.

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  • Tt Race At The Goodwood Revival 07 Xlarge
  • tt-race-at-the-goodwood-revival-01-small
  • tt-race-at-the-goodwood-revival-02-small
  • tt-race-at-the-goodwood-revival-03-small
  • tt-race-at-the-goodwood-revival-04-small
  • tt-race-at-the-goodwood-revival-05-small
  • tt-race-at-the-goodwood-revival-06-small
  • tt-race-at-the-goodwood-revival-07-small
  • tt-race-at-the-goodwood-revival-08-small

TT Race At The Goodwood Revival


Chris Wilson and Andre Lotterer driving the BGMsport prepared AC Cobra "21 GUN" won the TT race at the Goodwood Revival on Sunday, regarded as probably the most prestigious event we could win in this car. Chris and Andre drove brilliantly in qualifying taking pole and then then producing a perfect drive to take the win. What a pleasure to work with this pairing and massive thanks and huge congratulations to the whole team especially Paul and Chris for preparing and running the car at the event. We are all extremely proud of what we have just achieved. Some photos just to capture the atmosphere of the day

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  • Dirtfish Cars At Rally Day 07 Xlarge
  • dirtfish-cars-at-rally-day-01-small
  • dirtfish-cars-at-rally-day-02-small
  • dirtfish-cars-at-rally-day-03-small
  • dirtfish-cars-at-rally-day-04-small
  • dirtfish-cars-at-rally-day-05-small
  • dirtfish-cars-at-rally-day-06-small
  • dirtfish-cars-at-rally-day-07-small
  • dirtfish-cars-at-rally-day-08-small
  • dirtfish-cars-at-rally-day-09-small
  • dirtfish-cars-at-rally-day-10-small
  • dirtfish-cars-at-rally-day-12-small
  • dirtfish-cars-at-rally-day-13-small
  • dirtfish-cars-at-rally-day-14-small
  • dirtfish-cars-at-rally-day-15-small
  • dirtfish-cars-at-rally-day-16-small
  • dirtfish-cars-at-rally-day-17-small
  • dirtfish-cars-at-rally-day-18-small
  • dirtfish-cars-at-rally-day-19-small
  • dirtfish-cars-at-rally-day-20-small
  • dirtfish-cars-at-rally-day-21-small
  • dirtfish-cars-at-rally-day-22-small
  • dirtfish-cars-at-rally-day-23-small
  • dirtfish-cars-at-rally-day-24-small
  • dirtfish-cars-at-rally-day-25-small
  • dirtfish-cars-at-rally-day-26-small
  • dirtfish-cars-at-rally-day-27-small
  • dirtfish-cars-at-rally-day-28-small
  • dirtfish-cars-at-rally-day-29-small
  • dirtfish-cars-at-rally-day-30-small
  • dirtfish-cars-at-rally-day-31-small
  • dirtfish-cars-at-rally-day-32-small
  • dirtfish-cars-at-rally-day-33-small
  • dirtfish-cars-at-rally-day-34-small
  • dirtfish-cars-at-rally-day-35-small
  • dirtfish-cars-at-rally-day-36-small
  • dirtfish-cars-at-rally-day-37-small
  • dirtfish-cars-at-rally-day-38-small
  • dirtfish-cars-at-rally-day-39-small
  • dirtfish-cars-at-rally-day-40-small
  • dirtfish-cars-at-rally-day-41-small
  • dirtfish-cars-at-rally-day-42-small
  • dirtfish-cars-at-rally-day-43-small
  • dirtfish-cars-at-rally-day-44-small
  • dirtfish-cars-at-rally-day-45-small
  • dirtfish-cars-at-rally-day-46-small
  • dirtfish-cars-at-rally-day-47-small
  • dirtfish-cars-at-rally-day-48-small
  • dirtfish-cars-at-rally-day-49-small
  • dirtfish-cars-at-rally-day-50-small
  • dirtfish-cars-at-rally-day-51-small
  • dirtfish-cars-at-rally-day-52-small
  • dirtfish-cars-at-rally-day-53-small
  • dirtfish-cars-at-rally-day-54-small
  • dirtfish-cars-at-rally-day-55-small
  • dirtfish-cars-at-rally-day-56-small
  • dirtfish-cars-at-rally-day-57-small
  • dirtfish-cars-at-rally-day-58-small
  • dirtfish-cars-at-rally-day-59-small
  • dirtfish-cars-at-rally-day-60-small
  • dirtfish-cars-at-rally-day-61-small
  • dirtfish-cars-at-rally-day-62-small
  • dirtfish-cars-at-rally-day-63-small
  • dirtfish-cars-at-rally-day-64-small
  • dirtfish-cars-at-rally-day-65-small
  • dirtfish-cars-at-rally-day-66-small
  • dirtfish-cars-at-rally-day-67-small
  • dirtfish-cars-at-rally-day-68-small
  • dirtfish-cars-at-rally-day-69-small
  • dirtfish-cars-at-rally-day-70-small
  • dirtfish-cars-at-rally-day-71-small
  • dirtfish-cars-at-rally-day-72-small
  • dirtfish-cars-at-rally-day-73-small
  • dirtfish-cars-at-rally-day-74-small

McRae's And Breen Drive BGMsport And Dirtfish Cars At Rally Day

We had a great time at Rally Day, Castle Combe on Saturday. We took a number of cars for display and for demonstration and thankfully the weather was beautiful and very kind to us! It was quite a challenge to get so many cars and vans ready and get them transported to the venue. We would like to thank Steve Rimmer who enjoyed getting rides in various different cars he owns and James Rimmer who enjoyed getting very sideways driving the Dirtfish Fiesta R5! And check out the old vans and trailers! Alister and Jimmy McRae, Craig Breen, Marcus Willis, Jess Watts and Ian Gwynne shared the driving of the cars and they were been watched with a keen eye by Alister’s son Max who had been driving with us during the week leading up to Rally Day.

Thanks also go to Steve Hendy, Nicky Grist and Prodrive who joined us on the day.

The day would not happen without our very dedicated team of technicians they are the life blood of motorsport, dedicated and enthusiastic. Big thanks to Paul Grimshaw Vehicle Movements in helping us to safely get all the cars to the venue, it was great to have you with us. Last but not least Sylviane for recording the day, from the moment we landed, right up to loading up and leaving. We had a blast !! Ooops......one more mention must go to Kevin Furber of Creative Talent Management Limited for some great video footage with more to come........!

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  • supporting-our-local-community-15-small
  • supporting-our-local-community-16-small
  • supporting-our-local-community-17-small
  • supporting-our-local-community-18-small
  • supporting-our-local-community-19-small
  • supporting-our-local-community-20-small
  • supporting-our-local-community-21-small
  • supporting-our-local-community-22-small
  • supporting-our-local-community-23-small
  • supporting-our-local-community-24-small
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  • supporting-our-local-community-27-small
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  • supporting-our-local-community-32-small
  • supporting-our-local-community-33-small
  • supporting-our-local-community-34-small
  • supporting-our-local-community-35-small
  • supporting-our-local-community-36-small
  • supporting-our-local-community-37-small
  • supporting-our-local-community-38-small
  • supporting-our-local-community-39-small
  • supporting-our-local-community-40-small
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  • supporting-our-local-community-50-small
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Supporting Our Local Community

It was a very successful 3rd Classic Car Show in our home village of Syresham We took along the ex works Jimmy McRae Vauxhall Chevette HSR which Jimmy drove in 1980, along with an ex DTV Bedford CF van to go with it, also along with an original MK2 Ford Transit van which we towed the fabulous Ford RS1700T, a real step back in time. Also joining our collection was Colin McRae and Nicky Grist factory Ford Focus WRC M-Sport car, the car finished 8th overall San Remo 2001, 4th overall Monte Carlo 2002 and crashed in Corsica while lying in 4th place overall. Also a McRae 97 WRC Impreza joined the collection at the show owned by Max Girardo.

Last our very own and lovely 1996 Mercedes 320 SL, no history just something we love to drive around in the summer. There was a great collection of other cars at the show, with the weather again being kind to us with just a few drops of rain mid-afternoon it was a pretty cool gathering. Thank you to our family, friends, and Facebook followers who came on the day and to our customers for allowing us to take some very special and rare cars to the show. Also to the team at the Social Club who make this day happen and also provided great food all day long, what could be better!

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  • Bedford Van Vauxhall Chevette Reunited 02 Xlarge
  • bedford-van-vauxhall-chevette-reunited-01-small
  • bedford-van-vauxhall-chevette-reunited-02-small
  • bedford-van-vauxhall-chevette-reunited-03-small
  • bedford-van-vauxhall-chevette-reunited-04-small
  • bedford-van-vauxhall-chevette-reunited-05-small
  • bedford-van-vauxhall-chevette-reunited-06-small
  • bedford-van-vauxhall-chevette-reunited-07-small
  • bedford-van-vauxhall-chevette-reunited-08-small
  • bedford-van-vauxhall-chevette-reunited-09-small

Bedford Van & Vauxhall Chevette Reunited

4 years ago we finished the restoration on the ex works Jimmy McRae Vauxhall Chevette HSR which Jimmy drove in 1980. Soon after that, we purchased an ex DTV Bedford CF van to go with it. It needed a lot of love and attention and now it is all pretty much finished. This is quite a unique pairing and we would like to thank Steve Rimmer for the opportunity to make this happen. It has been a lot of work but the photos now show that it is all worthwhile. This will form part of our display for Rally Day at Castle Combe on the 21st September 2019 and Jimmy will be there with us at the event.

Almost a year ago now, my Dad, Bill Gwynne, passed away and in his honour we wrapped the car in the livery he used when he drove the car during 1981 on the Motoring News Rally Championship events, for a 12 month period. It has been a humble week seeing the wrap come off the car but many thanks to Steve for allowing me to have it in his livery for the last 12 months, it has brought back some great memories for many people.

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  • Ford Fiesta Pikes Peak Car 05 Xlarge
  • ford-fiesta-pikes-peak-car-01-small
  • ford-fiesta-pikes-peak-car-02-small
  • ford-fiesta-pikes-peak-car-03-small
  • ford-fiesta-pikes-peak-car-04-small
  • ford-fiesta-pikes-peak-car-05-small
  • ford-fiesta-pikes-peak-car-06-small
  • ford-fiesta-pikes-peak-car-07-small
  • ford-fiesta-pikes-peak-car-08-small
  • ford-fiesta-pikes-peak-car-09-small
  • ford-fiesta-pikes-peak-car-11-small
  • ford-fiesta-pikes-peak-car-12-small
  • ford-fiesta-pikes-peak-car-13-small
  • ford-fiesta-pikes-peak-car-14-small
  • ford-fiesta-pikes-peak-car-15-small
  • ford-fiesta-pikes-peak-car-16-small
  • ford-fiesta-pikes-peak-car-17-small
  • ford-fiesta-pikes-peak-car-18-small
  • ford-fiesta-pikes-peak-car-19-small
  • ford-fiesta-pikes-peak-car-20-small
  • ford-fiesta-pikes-peak-car-21-small
  • ford-fiesta-pikes-peak-car-22-small
  • ford-fiesta-pikes-peak-car-23-small
  • ford-fiesta-pikes-peak-car-24-small
  • ford-fiesta-pikes-peak-car-25-small
  • ford-fiesta-pikes-peak-car-26-small
  • ford-fiesta-pikes-peak-car-27-small
  • ford-fiesta-pikes-peak-car-28-small
  • ford-fiesta-pikes-peak-car-29-small
  • ford-fiesta-pikes-peak-car-30-small

Ford Fiesta Pikes Peak Car

The car was driven by Marcus Gronholm at Pikes Peak in 2009 and finished 2nd overall. Originally built by Olsbergs MSE and commissioned by Ford USA as a 5 door car as the USA didn’t have 3 door car on the market. It ran with 800 BHP though we have de-tuned it a little to make it a bit more user friendly and help with the life of the components. Steve Rimmer, owner of Dirtfish in the USA purchased the car as part of his competition car collection. Ian tested the car and gave it a good shakedown recently and seemed to really like it.

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  • Chateau Imnpey Hill Climb With Ralli 22 22 Xlarge
  • chateau-imnpey-hill-climb-with-ralli-22-01-small
  • chateau-imnpey-hill-climb-with-ralli-22-02-small
  • chateau-imnpey-hill-climb-with-ralli-22-03-small
  • chateau-imnpey-hill-climb-with-ralli-22-04-small
  • chateau-imnpey-hill-climb-with-ralli-22-05-small
  • chateau-imnpey-hill-climb-with-ralli-22-06-small
  • chateau-imnpey-hill-climb-with-ralli-22-07-small
  • chateau-imnpey-hill-climb-with-ralli-22-08-small
  • chateau-imnpey-hill-climb-with-ralli-22-09-small
  • chateau-imnpey-hill-climb-with-ralli-22-10-small
  • chateau-imnpey-hill-climb-with-ralli-22-11-small
  • chateau-imnpey-hill-climb-with-ralli-22-12-small
  • chateau-imnpey-hill-climb-with-ralli-22-13-small
  • chateau-imnpey-hill-climb-with-ralli-22-14-small
  • chateau-imnpey-hill-climb-with-ralli-22-15-small
  • chateau-imnpey-hill-climb-with-ralli-22-16-small
  • chateau-imnpey-hill-climb-with-ralli-22-17-small
  • chateau-imnpey-hill-climb-with-ralli-22-18-small
  • chateau-imnpey-hill-climb-with-ralli-22-19-small
  • chateau-imnpey-hill-climb-with-ralli-22-20-small
  • chateau-imnpey-hill-climb-with-ralli-22-21-small
  • chateau-imnpey-hill-climb-with-ralli-22-22-small
  • chateau-imnpey-hill-climb-with-ralli-22-23-small
  • chateau-imnpey-hill-climb-with-ralli-22-24-small

Chateau Imnpey Hill Climb With Ralli 22

We had a great weekend at Chateau Imnpey Hill Climb with Ralli 22. Ian drove Steve Rimmer’s fabulous Skoda Octavia WRC (big thanks Steve) on gravel tyres and thoroughly enjoyed driving it! He even did a few donuts to entertain the spectators! We also looked after Marcus Willis in the McRae 97 WRC car and Duncan Waite in his WRC Subaru Many thanks to Steve Davies for organising the weekend

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  • Goodwood 2019 21 Xlarge
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  • goodwood-2019-03-small
  • goodwood-2019-04-small
  • goodwood-2019-05-small
  • goodwood-2019-06-small
  • goodwood-2019-07-small
  • goodwood-2019-08-small
  • goodwood-2019-09-small
  • goodwood-2019-10-small
  • goodwood-2019-11-small
  • goodwood-2019-12-small
  • goodwood-2019-13-small
  • goodwood-2019-14-small
  • goodwood-2019-15-small
  • goodwood-2019-16-small
  • goodwood-2019-17-small
  • goodwood-2019-18-small
  • goodwood-2019-19-small
  • goodwood-2019-20-small
  • goodwood-2019-21-small
  • goodwood-2019-22-small
  • goodwood-2019-23-small
  • goodwood-2019-24-small
  • goodwood-2019-25-small
  • goodwood-2019-26-small
  • goodwood-2019-27-small
  • goodwood-2019-28-small
  • goodwood-2019-29-small
  • goodwood-2019-30-small
  • goodwood-2019-31-small
  • goodwood-2019-32-small
  • goodwood-2019-33-small
  • goodwood-2019-34-small
  • goodwood-2019-35-small
  • goodwood-2019-36-small
  • goodwood-2019-37-small
  • goodwood-2019-38-small
  • goodwood-2019-39-small
  • goodwood-2019-40-small
  • goodwood-2019-41-small
  • goodwood-2019-42-small
  • goodwood-2019-43-small
  • goodwood-2019-44-small
  • goodwood-2019-45-small
  • goodwood-2019-46-small
  • goodwood-2019-47-small
  • goodwood-2019-48-small
  • goodwood-2019-49-small
  • goodwood-2019-50-small
  • goodwood-2019-51-small
  • goodwood-2019-52-small
  • goodwood-2019-53-small
  • goodwood-2019-54-small
  • goodwood-2019-55-small
  • goodwood-2019-56-small
  • goodwood-2019-57-small
  • goodwood-2019-58-small
  • goodwood-2019-59-small
  • goodwood-2019-60-small
  • goodwood-2019-61-small
  • goodwood-2019-62-small
  • goodwood-2019-63-small
  • goodwood-2019-64-small
  • goodwood-2019-65-small
  • goodwood-2019-66-small
  • goodwood-2019-67-small
  • goodwood-2019-68-small
  • goodwood-2019-69-small
  • goodwood-2019-70-small
  • goodwood-2019-71-small

BGMsport@Goodwood 2019

Another Goodwood Festival of Speed has been and gone and what a great event it was this year! All 6 cars we took to the rally stage ran perfectly as did the 3 cars we looked after on the hill climb. Once again it was a real pleasure to have Alister McRae with the team as our guest driver and I think he thoroughly enjoyed himself! Big thanks to Steve and James Rimmer ( Dirtfish Rallyschool ) for the rally cars, it was great to have you back again!

Thank you to Chris Wilson with the Richard Burns Subaru and the Gp4 Ferrari 308 on the hill climb. To our brilliant team over the weekend, Paul, Chris, Jess, Geoff, Charlie, many thanks for your hard work for keeping the cars going and looking after them, Charlie for the entertainment! We are all still recovering ;-) Finally we would like to thank Rick Smith and his fabulous team for doing a great job as always organising the rally stage and to Charles Goddard and Matt Hearn (Goodwood) for all their help in getting the team there, and to Sylviane for getting dirty and dusty out in the rally stage following the BGMsport cars and a few other too.

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  • Impreza Line Up At Prodrive 04 Xlarge
  • impreza-line-up-at-prodrive-01-small
  • impreza-line-up-at-prodrive-02-small
  • impreza-line-up-at-prodrive-03-small
  • impreza-line-up-at-prodrive-04-small
  • impreza-line-up-at-prodrive-05-small
  • impreza-line-up-at-prodrive-06-small
  • impreza-line-up-at-prodrive-07-small
  • impreza-line-up-at-prodrive-08-small
  • impreza-line-up-at-prodrive-09-small
  • impreza-line-up-at-prodrive-10-small
  • impreza-line-up-at-prodrive-11-small
  • impreza-line-up-at-prodrive-12-small
  • impreza-line-up-at-prodrive-13-small
  • impreza-line-up-at-prodrive-14-small
  • impreza-line-up-at-prodrive-15-small
  • impreza-line-up-at-prodrive-16-small
  • impreza-line-up-at-prodrive-17-small

Impreza Line Up At Prodrive

Cameras were up and ready to take photos of the fantastic display of WRC Impreza’s when we took along 3 Ralli 22 members cars to Prodrive factory on Friday. The gathering was organised by Ralli 22’s Steve Davies and all cars and members form part of the group. It was great to see all these WRC cars in a line up outside the Prodrive factory. Marcus Willis took Max Girardo’s WRC97, Duncan Waite took his WRC99 and Chris Hambly of BGMsport took the S9. Many thanks Steve Davies for arranging the meeting at Prodrive which also included a guided walk around the factory

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  • Subaru Gathering 04 Xlarge
  • subaru-gathering-01-small
  • subaru-gathering-02-small
  • subaru-gathering-03-small
  • subaru-gathering-04-small
  • subaru-gathering-05-small
  • subaru-gathering-06-small
  • subaru-gathering-07-small
  • subaru-gathering-08-small
  • subaru-gathering-09-small
  • subaru-gathering-10-small
  • subaru-gathering-11-small
  • subaru-gathering-12-small
  • subaru-gathering-13-small
  • subaru-gathering-14-small
  • subaru-gathering-15-small
  • subaru-gathering-16-small
  • subaru-gathering-17-small
  • subaru-gathering-18-small
  • subaru-gathering-19-small
  • subaru-gathering-20-small
  • subaru-gathering-21-small
  • subaru-gathering-22-small
  • subaru-gathering-23-small
  • subaru-gathering-24-small
  • subaru-gathering-25-small

Subaru Gathering

At the BGMsport workshop we had the unique opportunity to put all these wonderful Subaru’s together in the workshop, so it goes without saying that we had to take a few photos to share. So we have 3 Colin McRae cars, ( WRC 97 and 2 Legacy’s). We are proud to have recently recommissioned the Rothmans Legacy which is now back in Scotland. The STi Legacy is owned by Steve Rimmer and the WRC 97 car owned by Max Girardo.

Richard Burns WRC P2000 car in which he won Rally GB 2000 is owned by Chris Wilson. The car is in for a full recommission and in readiness for some runs up the hill at the Festival of Speed 2019. WRC S9 2003 ex Solberg under going a full restoration, the car is owned by Pete Racely. WRC 99 ex Kankhunen which we have just completed the restoration on. WRC 99 ex Freddie car which has not been used since 2001, fully recommissioned . And finally of course the 555 GpA car which Mark Higgins drove at the Autosport Live Action Arena January 2019. We think that we had a pretty cool gathering!

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  • Ex Colin Mcrae M Sport Ford Focus Wrc02 07 Xlarge
  • ex-colin-mcrae-m-sport-ford-focus-wrc02-01-small
  • ex-colin-mcrae-m-sport-ford-focus-wrc02-02-small
  • ex-colin-mcrae-m-sport-ford-focus-wrc02-03-small
  • ex-colin-mcrae-m-sport-ford-focus-wrc02-04-small
  • ex-colin-mcrae-m-sport-ford-focus-wrc02-05-small
  • ex-colin-mcrae-m-sport-ford-focus-wrc02-06-small
  • ex-colin-mcrae-m-sport-ford-focus-wrc02-07-small
  • ex-colin-mcrae-m-sport-ford-focus-wrc02-08-small
  • ex-colin-mcrae-m-sport-ford-focus-wrc02-09-small
  • ex-colin-mcrae-m-sport-ford-focus-wrc02-10-small
  • ex-colin-mcrae-m-sport-ford-focus-wrc02-11-small
  • ex-colin-mcrae-m-sport-ford-focus-wrc02-12-small
  • ex-colin-mcrae-m-sport-ford-focus-wrc02-13-small
  • ex-colin-mcrae-m-sport-ford-focus-wrc02-14-small
  • ex-colin-mcrae-m-sport-ford-focus-wrc02-15-small
  • ex-colin-mcrae-m-sport-ford-focus-wrc02-16-small
  • ex-colin-mcrae-m-sport-ford-focus-wrc02-17-small
  • ex-colin-mcrae-m-sport-ford-focus-wrc02-18-small
  • ex-colin-mcrae-m-sport-ford-focus-wrc02-19-small
  • ex-colin-mcrae-m-sport-ford-focus-wrc02-20-small
  • ex-colin-mcrae-m-sport-ford-focus-wrc02-21-small
  • ex-colin-mcrae-m-sport-ford-focus-wrc02-22-small
  • ex-colin-mcrae-m-sport-ford-focus-wrc02-23-small
  • ex-colin-mcrae-m-sport-ford-focus-wrc02-24-small
  • ex-colin-mcrae-m-sport-ford-focus-wrc02-25-small
  • ex-colin-mcrae-m-sport-ford-focus-wrc02-26-small

Ex Colin McRae M-Sport Ford Focus WRC02

Just completed a road test in this very special car that only Colin McRae and Nicky Grist drove as a factory M-Sport car, 8th overall San Remo 2001, 4th overall Monte Carlo 2002 and crashed in Corsica while lying in 4th place overall. The car sat idle for some time after Corsica and then it was beautifully rebuilt by Paul Benn, Paul finished the car in 2008 and we purchased the car for Steve Rimmer. Since then the car has been on display at Steve’s Dirtfish Rally School and has recently been shipped back over here for a thorough check over and will be seen this year on the forest rally stage at Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Ian has been lucky enough to drive the car on a number of occasions while it was in the US and Alister McRae also drove it last year when he visited Dirtfish ! Long time friend and great engineer Nick Clipson called by to run through some systems checks after our chief Ford Focus engineer ( for now ) Chris carried out all the work. The car ran perfectly. We are hoping to have Alister McRae with us again this year at Goodwood.

Ex Colin McRae M-Sport Ford Focus WRC02

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  • Bgmsport Went To Daytona 42 Xlarge
  • bgmsport-went-to-daytona-01-small
  • bgmsport-went-to-daytona-02-small
  • bgmsport-went-to-daytona-03-small
  • bgmsport-went-to-daytona-04-small
  • bgmsport-went-to-daytona-05-small
  • bgmsport-went-to-daytona-06-small
  • bgmsport-went-to-daytona-07-small
  • bgmsport-went-to-daytona-08-small
  • bgmsport-went-to-daytona-09-small
  • bgmsport-went-to-daytona-10-small
  • bgmsport-went-to-daytona-11-small
  • bgmsport-went-to-daytona-12-small
  • bgmsport-went-to-daytona-13-small
  • bgmsport-went-to-daytona-14-small
  • bgmsport-went-to-daytona-15-small
  • bgmsport-went-to-daytona-16-small
  • bgmsport-went-to-daytona-17-small
  • bgmsport-went-to-daytona-18-small
  • bgmsport-went-to-daytona-19-small
  • bgmsport-went-to-daytona-20-small
  • bgmsport-went-to-daytona-21-small
  • bgmsport-went-to-daytona-22-small
  • bgmsport-went-to-daytona-23-small
  • bgmsport-went-to-daytona-24-small
  • bgmsport-went-to-daytona-25-small
  • bgmsport-went-to-daytona-26-small
  • bgmsport-went-to-daytona-27-small
  • bgmsport-went-to-daytona-28-small
  • bgmsport-went-to-daytona-29-small
  • bgmsport-went-to-daytona-30-small
  • bgmsport-went-to-daytona-31-small
  • bgmsport-went-to-daytona-32-small
  • bgmsport-went-to-daytona-33-small
  • bgmsport-went-to-daytona-34-small
  • bgmsport-went-to-daytona-35-small
  • bgmsport-went-to-daytona-36-small
  • bgmsport-went-to-daytona-37-small
  • bgmsport-went-to-daytona-38-small
  • bgmsport-went-to-daytona-39-small
  • bgmsport-went-to-daytona-40-small
  • bgmsport-went-to-daytona-41-small
  • bgmsport-went-to-daytona-42-small
  • bgmsport-went-to-daytona-43-small

BGMsport Went To Daytona

BGMsport went to Daytona with the Ferrari Daytona for the very first time for the HSR Daytona Classic 24 hour in 2015 The team prepared the car driven by Tim Summers and shipped it to the event and then took care of it at the event on our usual arrive and drive package. Tim finished a superb 4th overall and 1st in class in what was one of, if not the most popular car at the track, a real favourite with crowd and the other drivers and teams, though it was an extremely close finish beating the GT40 of Philip Walker and Mike Jordan by 0.6 seconds and then a Chevron B16 a further seconds behind.

The car ran superbly all weekend with the driver and car dealing with the high banking at Daytona. The original banked design permitted higher speeds and gave fans a better view of the car, it is quite amazing how steep some of the banking is. It was a shame that none of the seating could be used for the fans, on July 5, 2013, a project started that will remove backstretch seating and completely redevelop the front stretch seating. The project, named "Daytona Rising", is scheduled to be completed in January 2016, and is expected to cost US $400 million. After the renovations, the track's grandstands will include 101,000 permanent seats allowing the venue to hold up to 400,000 people.

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  • Ford Rs1700t 08 Xlarge
  • ford-rs1700t-01-small
  • ford-rs1700t-02-small
  • ford-rs1700t-03-small
  • ford-rs1700t-04-small
  • ford-rs1700t-05-small