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BGM Sport Ltd Passionate About Cars

BGMsport is a family business established in the early 1980s.
Specialising in rally, race and performance road car service and preparation.

BGM Sport Ltd

BGM Sport Ltd is a leading rally and race service provider based in Brackley, offering a range of expert services to motorsport teams and drivers. With a team of experienced technicians and mechanics, BGM Sport Ltd provides top-quality support for all types of rally and race events, including event logistics, vehicle preparation, maintenance, and support on race days. Trust BGM Sport Ltd to deliver professional, reliable, and efficient services to help you achieve success on the track.

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About Us

BGMsport is owned and run by Ian Gwynne, who has been in the car industry for over 35 years and has a wealth of experience in many areas.

Ian grew up in a motorsport family and environment and has gained a huge amount of knowledge in rallying, racing and over the last 10 years has extended the service’s offering to provide expertise and knowledge in the restoration, recommissioning, enhancement, maintenance and preparation of rare and unique historic and classic rally, race and road cars.

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Ford Escort MK2 RS1800 Restoration Timeline

Having just completed one RS1800 restoration, we have now started another RS1800 restoration for another customer. Full strip to a bare shell and full mechanical rebuild. We will share images of the progress of this project over the coming months.

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Porsche 911 SC

This is another project we have in from our friends at Girardo & Co, a very famous Porsche 911 SC rally car which the team in the workshop are working on. We do enjoy having a variety of cars in!!!

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Ford Focus WRC 01 V10 FMC - Restoration Timeline

This is a long term restoration.

An original Carlos Sainz car, we plan to have the car back in Monte Carlo 2001 livery where it finished 2nd overall.

We will post updates as the restoration progresses. Eventually the car will be used in demonstration events.

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Lancia Delta S4 GpB - The Restoration

BGM Sport Ltd is proud to present the restoration of the iconic Lancia Delta S4 GpB rally car. Our team of expert technicians and mechanics have meticulously restored this legendary vehicle to its former glory, ensuring that every detail is authentic and true to its original specifications. From the engine to the exterior, no detail has been overlooked in this extensive restoration process. The completed project is a testament to our dedication to preserving the history and heritage of rally racing, and we are thrilled to share this masterpiece with fellow enthusiasts.

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  • N555 Bat Subaru Impreza Restoration Timeline 02 Xlarge
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  • n555-bat-subaru-impreza-restoration-timeline-16-small
  • n555-bat-subaru-impreza-restoration-timeline-17-small
  • n555-bat-subaru-impreza-restoration-timeline-18-small
  • n555-bat-subaru-impreza-restoration-timeline-19-small
  • n555-bat-subaru-impreza-restoration-timeline-20-small
  • n555-bat-subaru-impreza-restoration-timeline-21-small
  • n555-bat-subaru-impreza-restoration-timeline-22-small
  • n555-bat-subaru-impreza-restoration-timeline-23-small
  • n555-bat-subaru-impreza-restoration-timeline-24-small
  • n555-bat-subaru-impreza-restoration-timeline-25-small
  • n555-bat-subaru-impreza-restoration-timeline-26-small
  • n555-bat-subaru-impreza-restoration-timeline-27-small
  • n555-bat-subaru-impreza-restoration-timeline-28-small
  • n555-bat-subaru-impreza-restoration-timeline-29-small
  • n555-bat-subaru-impreza-restoration-timeline-30-small
  • n555-bat-subaru-impreza-restoration-timeline-31-small
  • n555-bat-subaru-impreza-restoration-timeline-32-small
  • n555-bat-subaru-impreza-restoration-timeline-33-small
  • n555-bat-subaru-impreza-restoration-timeline-34-small
  • n555-bat-subaru-impreza-restoration-timeline-35-small
  • n555-bat-subaru-impreza-restoration-timeline-36-small
  • n555-bat-subaru-impreza-restoration-timeline-37-small
  • n555-bat-subaru-impreza-restoration-timeline-38-small
  • n555-bat-subaru-impreza-restoration-timeline-39-small
  • n555-bat-subaru-impreza-restoration-timeline-40-small
  • n555-bat-subaru-impreza-restoration-timeline-41-small
  • n555-bat-subaru-impreza-restoration-timeline-42-small
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  • n555-bat-subaru-impreza-restoration-timeline-45-small
  • n555-bat-subaru-impreza-restoration-timeline-46-small
  • n555-bat-subaru-impreza-restoration-timeline-47-small
  • n555-bat-subaru-impreza-restoration-timeline-48-small
  • n555-bat-subaru-impreza-restoration-timeline-49-small
  • n555-bat-subaru-impreza-restoration-timeline-50-small
  • n555-bat-subaru-impreza-restoration-timeline-51-small
  • n555-bat-subaru-impreza-restoration-timeline-52-small
  • n555-bat-subaru-impreza-restoration-timeline-53-small
  • n555-bat-subaru-impreza-restoration-timeline-54-small
  • n555-bat-subaru-impreza-restoration-timeline-55-small
  • n555-bat-subaru-impreza-restoration-timeline-56-small
  • n555-bat-subaru-impreza-restoration-timeline-57-small
  • n555-bat-subaru-impreza-restoration-timeline-58-small
  • n555-bat-subaru-impreza-restoration-timeline-59-small
  • n555-bat-subaru-impreza-restoration-timeline-60-small
  • n555-bat-subaru-impreza-restoration-timeline-61-small
  • n555-bat-subaru-impreza-restoration-timeline-62-small
  • n555-bat-subaru-impreza-restoration-timeline-63-small
  • n555-bat-subaru-impreza-restoration-timeline-64-small
  • n555-bat-subaru-impreza-restoration-timeline-65-small
  • n555-bat-subaru-impreza-restoration-timeline-66-small
  • n555-bat-subaru-impreza-restoration-timeline-67-small
  • n555-bat-subaru-impreza-restoration-timeline-68-small
  • n555-bat-subaru-impreza-restoration-timeline-69-small

N555 BAT Subaru Impreza Restoration Timeline

N555 BAT is one of the factory 555 Prodrive cars that was originally driven by Piero Liatti during the 1996 season. The car has been owned by Ryan Champion for many years and we are now very happy to be carrying out a full restoration of this car.

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Workshop Tour

We have some beautiful cars in our workshop and we thought we would take a few funky snaps.

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  • vauxhall-bedford-cf-service-van-06-small
  • vauxhall-bedford-cf-service-van-07-small
  • vauxhall-bedford-cf-service-van-08-small
  • vauxhall-bedford-cf-service-van-09-small
  • vauxhall-bedford-cf-service-van-10-small
  • vauxhall-bedford-cf-service-van-11-small
  • vauxhall-bedford-cf-service-van-12-small
  • vauxhall-bedford-cf-service-van-13-small
  • vauxhall-bedford-cf-service-van-14-small
  • vauxhall-bedford-cf-service-van-15-small
  • vauxhall-bedford-cf-service-van-16-small
  • vauxhall-bedford-cf-service-van-17-small
  • vauxhall-bedford-cf-service-van-18-small
  • vauxhall-bedford-cf-service-van-19-small
  • vauxhall-bedford-cf-service-van-20-small
  • vauxhall-bedford-cf-service-van-21-small
  • vauxhall-bedford-cf-service-van-22-small
  • vauxhall-bedford-cf-service-van-23-small
  • vauxhall-bedford-cf-service-van-24-small
  • vauxhall-bedford-cf-service-van-25-small
  • vauxhall-bedford-cf-service-van-26-small
  • vauxhall-bedford-cf-service-van-27-small
  • vauxhall-bedford-cf-service-van-28-small
  • vauxhall-bedford-cf-service-van-29-small
  • vauxhall-bedford-cf-service-van-30-small
  • vauxhall-bedford-cf-service-van-31-small
  • vauxhall-bedford-cf-service-van-32-small
  • vauxhall-bedford-cf-service-van-33-small
  • vauxhall-bedford-cf-service-van-34-small
  • vauxhall-bedford-cf-service-van-35-small
  • vauxhall-bedford-cf-service-van-36-small

Ex-works Dealer Team Vauxhall Bedford CF Service Van

Something a little bit different we are restoring to go with Steve Rimmer’s ex-works DTV Jimmy McRae/Bill Gwynne Vauxhall Chevette HSR. This is an original Bedford CF as used by the works DTV team and it retains all of its original features such as the full length alloy roof rack and all the internal racking. This has been a great project and we can’t wait to finish it and have it sitting with the HSR. We believe this is the only van like this in existence.

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  • Nissan Micra Kit Car P5 Nme 03 Xlarge
  • nissan-micra-kit-car-p5-nme-01-small
  • nissan-micra-kit-car-p5-nme-02-small
  • nissan-micra-kit-car-p5-nme-03-small
  • nissan-micra-kit-car-p5-nme-04-small
  • nissan-micra-kit-car-p5-nme-05-small
  • nissan-micra-kit-car-p5-nme-06-small
  • nissan-micra-kit-car-p5-nme-07-small
  • nissan-micra-kit-car-p5-nme-08-small
  • nissan-micra-kit-car-p5-nme-09-small
  • nissan-micra-kit-car-p5-nme-10-small
  • nissan-micra-kit-car-p5-nme-11-small
  • nissan-micra-kit-car-p5-nme-12-small
  • nissan-micra-kit-car-p5-nme-13-small
  • nissan-micra-kit-car-p5-nme-14-small
  • nissan-micra-kit-car-p5-nme-15-small
  • nissan-micra-kit-car-p5-nme-16-small
  • nissan-micra-kit-car-p5-nme-17-small
  • nissan-micra-kit-car-p5-nme-18-small
  • nissan-micra-kit-car-p5-nme-19-small
  • nissan-micra-kit-car-p5-nme-20-small
  • nissan-micra-kit-car-p5-nme-21-small
  • nissan-micra-kit-car-p5-nme-22-small
  • nissan-micra-kit-car-p5-nme-23-small
  • nissan-micra-kit-car-p5-nme-24-small
  • nissan-micra-kit-car-p5-nme-25-small

Nissan Micra Kit Car P5 NME

This little car is one of a kind, the only factory Nissan built kit car. The car was driven by Mark Higgins in Finland 1000 lakes 1997 as part of the launch of the new Nissan Micra. Geoff Jones also drove the car for Nissan on the Network Q rally GB. The car was purchased by Ian Gwynne and rebuilt and finished in 2015. This very popular little car has been used at Race Retro and the Goodwood FOS over the last few years and it was also invited to the Shelsby Walsh Hill climb. Since then it has done several demonstration events.

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  • Colin Mcrae Cars 09 Xlarge
  • colin-mcrae-cars-01-small
  • colin-mcrae-cars-02-small
  • colin-mcrae-cars-03-small
  • colin-mcrae-cars-04-small
  • colin-mcrae-cars-05-small
  • colin-mcrae-cars-06-small
  • colin-mcrae-cars-07-small
  • colin-mcrae-cars-08-small
  • colin-mcrae-cars-09-small
  • colin-mcrae-cars-10-small
  • colin-mcrae-cars-11-small
  • colin-mcrae-cars-12-small
  • colin-mcrae-cars-13-small
  • colin-mcrae-cars-14-small
  • colin-mcrae-cars-15-small
  • colin-mcrae-cars-16-small
  • colin-mcrae-cars-17-small
  • colin-mcrae-cars-18-small

Looking After These Colin Mcrae Cars

These are some of the cars that Colin originally drove and we are very proud to look after these cars. Colin drove the Prodrive Rothmans Legacy in the British Rally Championship and at the start of 2019 we re-commissioned the car for the family as it had not been run for some years.

The Prodrive Sti Legacy is the car he drove to 2nd overall in Sweden 1992 and is now regularly driven by Jimmy and Alister McRae, and of course the most famous 555 Impreza, L555 BAT, the car he drove to win the World rally Championship. We carried out a full re-commission on L555 BAT in 2008 and in 2018 did a fairly extensive service on the car to keep it in good shape. The Focus is a WRC 02 M-Sport car that Colin drove whilst he was with Ford on various WRC events and indeed is the car he once crashed in Corsica. The car was rebuilt and purchased for Steve Rimmer and has been living in the USA for some years but we will receive it back here to get it ready to use at Goodwood Festival of Speed in July 2019.

At the BGMsport workshop we had the unique opportunity to put all these wonderful Subaru’s together in the workshop, so it goes without saying that we had to take a few photos to share. So we have 3 Colin McRae cars, ( WRC 97 and 2 Legacy’s). We are proud to have recently recommissioned the Rothmans Legacy which is now back in Scotland. The STi Legacy is owned by Steve Rimmer and the WRC 97 car owned by Max Girardo. Richard Burns WRC P2000 car in which he won Rally GB 2000 is owned by Chris Wilson. The car is in for a full recommission and in readiness for some runs up the hill at the Festival of Speed 2019. WRC S9 2003 ex Solberg under going a full restoration is owned by Pete Racely. WRC 99 ex Kankhunen which we have just completed the restoration on. WRC 99 ex Freddie car which has not been used since 2001, fully recommissioned . And finally of course the 555 GpA car which Mark Higgins drove at the Autosport Live Action Arena January 2019. We think that we had a pretty cool gathering!

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  • Vauxhall Chevette Hsr Rally Car 21 Xlarge
  • vauxhall-chevette-hsr-rally-car-01-small
  • vauxhall-chevette-hsr-rally-car-02-small
  • vauxhall-chevette-hsr-rally-car-03-small
  • vauxhall-chevette-hsr-rally-car-04-small
  • vauxhall-chevette-hsr-rally-car-05-small
  • vauxhall-chevette-hsr-rally-car-06-small
  • vauxhall-chevette-hsr-rally-car-07-small
  • vauxhall-chevette-hsr-rally-car-08-small
  • vauxhall-chevette-hsr-rally-car-09-small
  • vauxhall-chevette-hsr-rally-car-10-small
  • vauxhall-chevette-hsr-rally-car-11-small
  • vauxhall-chevette-hsr-rally-car-12-small
  • vauxhall-chevette-hsr-rally-car-13-small
  • vauxhall-chevette-hsr-rally-car-14-small
  • vauxhall-chevette-hsr-rally-car-15-small
  • vauxhall-chevette-hsr-rally-car-16-small
  • vauxhall-chevette-hsr-rally-car-17-small
  • vauxhall-chevette-hsr-rally-car-18-small
  • vauxhall-chevette-hsr-rally-car-19-small
  • vauxhall-chevette-hsr-rally-car-20-small
  • vauxhall-chevette-hsr-rally-car-21-small
  • vauxhall-chevette-hsr-rally-car-22-small
  • vauxhall-chevette-hsr-rally-car-23-small
  • vauxhall-chevette-hsr-rally-car-24-small
  • vauxhall-chevette-hsr-rally-car-25-small
  • vauxhall-chevette-hsr-rally-car-26-small
  • vauxhall-chevette-hsr-rally-car-27-small
  • vauxhall-chevette-hsr-rally-car-28-small
  • vauxhall-chevette-hsr-rally-car-29-small
  • vauxhall-chevette-hsr-rally-car-30-small
  • vauxhall-chevette-hsr-rally-car-31-small
  • vauxhall-chevette-hsr-rally-car-32-small

Vauxhall Chevette Hsr Rally Car

This Vauxhall Chevette HSR Rally Car is an original factory-built car and still in period condition, It was restored in 2014 by BGMsport. Originally built for Jimmy McRae who drove the car on various British Championship events. The car was also driven by Ian’s father Bill Gwynne who drove the car in the 1981 Motoring News rally championship. Terry Kaby then drove the car on a number of British Championship events.

When the car was found it had been stored for many years. The car was in a very poor condition, but totally original, since its restoration it has been used at many events and driven again by Jimmy McRae it was also driven by his son Alistair at Race Retro 2018. In 2019 the car was put in to Bill Gwynne livery from 1981 in honour of Ian’s father Bill after he passed away.

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  • Triumph Tr7 V8 Apr 15 11 Xlarge
  • triumph-tr7-v8-apr-15-01-small
  • triumph-tr7-v8-apr-15-02-small
  • triumph-tr7-v8-apr-15-03-small
  • triumph-tr7-v8-apr-15-04-small
  • triumph-tr7-v8-apr-15-05-small
  • triumph-tr7-v8-apr-15-06-small
  • triumph-tr7-v8-apr-15-07-small
  • triumph-tr7-v8-apr-15-08-small
  • triumph-tr7-v8-apr-15-09-small
  • triumph-tr7-v8-apr-15-10-small
  • triumph-tr7-v8-apr-15-11-small
  • triumph-tr7-v8-apr-15-12-small
  • triumph-tr7-v8-apr-15-13-small
  • triumph-tr7-v8-apr-15-14-small
  • triumph-tr7-v8-apr-15-15-small
  • triumph-tr7-v8-apr-15-16-small
  • triumph-tr7-v8-apr-15-17-small
  • triumph-tr7-v8-apr-15-18-small
  • triumph-tr7-v8-apr-15-19-small

Triumph TR7 V8

We purchased this car and once rebuilt it, sold it to our Kenya customer for him to compete in the Balkans Rally in Bulgaria 2017. Really good strong and reliable car and great fun to drive.

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  • Rover Sd1 Gp2 Race Car 20 Xlarge
  • rover-sd1-gp2-race-car-01-small
  • rover-sd1-gp2-race-car-02-small
  • rover-sd1-gp2-race-car-03-small
  • rover-sd1-gp2-race-car-04-small
  • rover-sd1-gp2-race-car-05-small
  • rover-sd1-gp2-race-car-06-small
  • rover-sd1-gp2-race-car-07-small
  • rover-sd1-gp2-race-car-08-small
  • rover-sd1-gp2-race-car-09-small
  • rover-sd1-gp2-race-car-10-small
  • rover-sd1-gp2-race-car-11-small
  • rover-sd1-gp2-race-car-12-small
  • rover-sd1-gp2-race-car-13-small
  • rover-sd1-gp2-race-car-14-small
  • rover-sd1-gp2-race-car-15-small
  • rover-sd1-gp2-race-car-16-small
  • rover-sd1-gp2-race-car-17-small
  • rover-sd1-gp2-race-car-18-small
  • rover-sd1-gp2-race-car-19-small
  • rover-sd1-gp2-race-car-20-small
  • rover-sd1-gp2-race-car-21-small
  • rover-sd1-gp2-race-car-22-small
  • rover-sd1-gp2-race-car-23-small
  • rover-sd1-gp2-race-car-24-small
  • rover-sd1-gp2-race-car-25-small

Rover Sd1 Gp2 Race Car

This Rover SD1 Gp2 race car has been restored to current historic regulations. Originally built by David Price Racing for Paddy and Michael O'Sullivan and was raced in South Africa. The car was raced in Peter Auto Historic Touring car class, proved to be very fast!

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  • Mg Metro 6r4 Gpb Homologation Car 02 Xlarge
  • mg-metro-6r4-gpb-homologation-car-01-small
  • mg-metro-6r4-gpb-homologation-car-02-small
  • mg-metro-6r4-gpb-homologation-car-03-small
  • mg-metro-6r4-gpb-homologation-car-04-small
  • mg-metro-6r4-gpb-homologation-car-05-small
  • mg-metro-6r4-gpb-homologation-car-06-small
  • mg-metro-6r4-gpb-homologation-car-07-small
  • mg-metro-6r4-gpb-homologation-car-08-small
  • mg-metro-6r4-gpb-homologation-car-09-small
  • mg-metro-6r4-gpb-homologation-car-10-small
  • mg-metro-6r4-gpb-homologation-car-11-small
  • mg-metro-6r4-gpb-homologation-car-12-small
  • mg-metro-6r4-gpb-homologation-car-13-small
  • mg-metro-6r4-gpb-homologation-car-14-small
  • mg-metro-6r4-gpb-homologation-car-15-small
  • mg-metro-6r4-gpb-homologation-car-16-small
  • mg-metro-6r4-gpb-homologation-car-17-small

MG Metro 6R4 GpB Homologation Car

Full re-commission on mechanicals, the car had not been run for over 20 years and only had 170 miles on the clock. The car lived in the Williams F1 museum for many years and formed part of their collection.

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  • Genuine Rs2000 Xpack 09 Xlarge
  • genuine-rs2000-xpack-01-small
  • genuine-rs2000-xpack-02-small
  • genuine-rs2000-xpack-03-small
  • genuine-rs2000-xpack-04-small
  • genuine-rs2000-xpack-05-small
  • genuine-rs2000-xpack-06-small
  • genuine-rs2000-xpack-07-small
  • genuine-rs2000-xpack-08-small
  • genuine-rs2000-xpack-09-small
  • genuine-rs2000-xpack-10-small
  • genuine-rs2000-xpack-11-small
  • genuine-rs2000-xpack-12-small
  • genuine-rs2000-xpack-13-small
  • genuine-rs2000-xpack-14-small
  • genuine-rs2000-xpack-15-small
  • genuine-rs2000-xpack-16-small
  • genuine-rs2000-xpack-17-small
  • genuine-rs2000-xpack-18-small
  • genuine-rs2000-xpack-19-small
  • genuine-rs2000-xpack-20-small

Genuine RS2000 Xpack

Looking back on the re-build of this beautiful RS2000 xpack - It was stripped down to a bare shell and completely restored including the body and all mechanicals. Simply stunning.

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  • Ford Rs1700 T Rally Car 01 Xlarge
  • ford-rs1700-t-rally-car-01-small
  • ford-rs1700-t-rally-car-02-small
  • ford-rs1700-t-rally-car-03-small
  • ford-rs1700-t-rally-car-04-small
  • ford-rs1700-t-rally-car-05-small
  • ford-rs1700-t-rally-car-06-small
  • ford-rs1700-t-rally-car-07-small
  • ford-rs1700-t-rally-car-08-small
  • ford-rs1700-t-rally-car-09-small
  • ford-rs1700-t-rally-car-10-small
  • ford-rs1700-t-rally-car-11-small
  • ford-rs1700-t-rally-car-12-small
  • ford-rs1700-t-rally-car-13-small
  • ford-rs1700-t-rally-car-14-small
  • ford-rs1700-t-rally-car-15-small
  • ford-rs1700-t-rally-car-16-small
  • ford-rs1700-t-rally-car-17-small
  • ford-rs1700-t-rally-car-18-small
  • ford-rs1700-t-rally-car-19-small
  • ford-rs1700-t-rally-car-20-small
  • ford-rs1700-t-rally-car-21-small
  • ford-rs1700-t-rally-car-22-small
  • ford-rs1700-t-rally-car-23-small
  • ford-rs1700-t-rally-car-24-small
  • ford-rs1700-t-rally-car-25-small
  • ford-rs1700-t-rally-car-26-small
  • ford-rs1700-t-rally-car-27-small
  • ford-rs1700-t-rally-car-28-small
  • ford-rs1700-t-rally-car-29-small
  • ford-rs1700-t-rally-car-30-small
  • ford-rs1700-t-rally-car-31-small
  • ford-rs1700-t-rally-car-32-small
  • ford-rs1700-t-rally-car-33-small
  • ford-rs1700-t-rally-car-34-small
  • ford-rs1700-t-rally-car-35-small
  • ford-rs1700-t-rally-car-36-small
  • ford-rs1700-t-rally-car-37-small

Ford RS1700 T Rally Car

This car was a prototype RWD car designed by Ford Motor Company in The early 80'S to compete in Group B rallying. We believe that only 18 were built and of those only 5 EXIST TODAY, one being owned by Malcolm Wilson. Plagued with problems during its development, Ford changed its plans for its production and instead started work on an all-wheel-drive model, in effect this car forced the design and rethink of how to compete against the Audi Quattro’s and resulted in the development of the famous RS200. BGMsport NOW HAVE rebuilt one of the CARS .

The car performed beautifully and now has exactly 400 BHP!! What an incredible machine to have had the pleasure of restoring and be able to drive. Such a shame development stopped in early days. It will now sit proudly in Steve’s RS collection and has been invited to many events not only as a show car but also to be driven on demonstration event recently it was driven by Alistair McRae who gave a big thumbs up!

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  • Ford Rs200 S 01 Xlarge
  • ford-rs200-s-01-small
  • ford-rs200-s-02-small
  • ford-rs200-s-03-small
  • ford-rs200-s-04-small
  • ford-rs200-s-05-small
  • ford-rs200-s-06-small
  • ford-rs200-s-07-small
  • ford-rs200-s-08-small
  • ford-rs200-s-09-small

Ford RS200 S

We have just completed the conversion of this lovely RS200 S from RHD to LHD and given it a thorough service, another job done for Girardo & Co. The technicians at the BGMsport workshop have done a cracking job as normal.

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  • Fiat 131 Abarth Grp 4 Rally Car 40 Xlarge
  • fiat-131-abarth-grp-4-rally-car-01-small
  • fiat-131-abarth-grp-4-rally-car-02-small
  • fiat-131-abarth-grp-4-rally-car-03-small
  • fiat-131-abarth-grp-4-rally-car-04-small
  • fiat-131-abarth-grp-4-rally-car-05-small
  • fiat-131-abarth-grp-4-rally-car-06-small
  • fiat-131-abarth-grp-4-rally-car-07-small
  • fiat-131-abarth-grp-4-rally-car-08-small
  • fiat-131-abarth-grp-4-rally-car-09-small
  • fiat-131-abarth-grp-4-rally-car-10-small
  • fiat-131-abarth-grp-4-rally-car-11-small
  • fiat-131-abarth-grp-4-rally-car-12-small
  • fiat-131-abarth-grp-4-rally-car-13-small
  • fiat-131-abarth-grp-4-rally-car-14-small
  • fiat-131-abarth-grp-4-rally-car-15-small
  • fiat-131-abarth-grp-4-rally-car-16-small
  • fiat-131-abarth-grp-4-rally-car-17-small
  • fiat-131-abarth-grp-4-rally-car-18-small
  • fiat-131-abarth-grp-4-rally-car-19-small
  • fiat-131-abarth-grp-4-rally-car-20-small
  • fiat-131-abarth-grp-4-rally-car-21-small
  • fiat-131-abarth-grp-4-rally-car-22-small
  • fiat-131-abarth-grp-4-rally-car-23-small
  • fiat-131-abarth-grp-4-rally-car-24-small
  • fiat-131-abarth-grp-4-rally-car-25-small
  • fiat-131-abarth-grp-4-rally-car-26-small
  • fiat-131-abarth-grp-4-rally-car-27-small
  • fiat-131-abarth-grp-4-rally-car-28-small
  • fiat-131-abarth-grp-4-rally-car-29-small
  • fiat-131-abarth-grp-4-rally-car-30-small
  • fiat-131-abarth-grp-4-rally-car-31-small
  • fiat-131-abarth-grp-4-rally-car-32-small
  • fiat-131-abarth-grp-4-rally-car-33-small
  • fiat-131-abarth-grp-4-rally-car-34-small
  • fiat-131-abarth-grp-4-rally-car-35-small
  • fiat-131-abarth-grp-4-rally-car-36-small
  • fiat-131-abarth-grp-4-rally-car-37-small
  • fiat-131-abarth-grp-4-rally-car-38-small
  • fiat-131-abarth-grp-4-rally-car-39-small
  • fiat-131-abarth-grp-4-rally-car-40-small
  • fiat-131-abarth-grp-4-rally-car-41-small
  • fiat-131-abarth-grp-4-rally-car-42-small
  • fiat-131-abarth-grp-4-rally-car-43-small
  • fiat-131-abarth-grp-4-rally-car-44-small
  • fiat-131-abarth-grp-4-rally-car-45-small
  • fiat-131-abarth-grp-4-rally-car-46-small
  • fiat-131-abarth-grp-4-rally-car-47-small
  • fiat-131-abarth-grp-4-rally-car-48-small
  • fiat-131-abarth-grp-4-rally-car-49-small
  • fiat-131-abarth-grp-4-rally-car-50-small
  • fiat-131-abarth-grp-4-rally-car-51-small
  • fiat-131-abarth-grp-4-rally-car-52-small
  • fiat-131-abarth-grp-4-rally-car-53-small

Fiat 131 Abarth Grp 4 Rally Car

Another BGMsport customer project. Markku Alen Ex-works - Fiat 131 Abarth Grp 4 Rally Car Which has now been fully restored in Alitalia livery (1977) - The cars first outing was at Race Retro, International Historic Motorsport Show from 24 - 26 February 2017 at Stoneleigh Park, Kenilworth Warwickshire and we then took the car to run at Goodwood Festival of Speed.

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  • Ferrari Daytona 365 Gtb 08 Xlarge
  • ferrari-daytona-365-gtb-01-small
  • ferrari-daytona-365-gtb-02-small
  • ferrari-daytona-365-gtb-03-small
  • ferrari-daytona-365-gtb-04-small
  • ferrari-daytona-365-gtb-05-small
  • ferrari-daytona-365-gtb-06-small
  • ferrari-daytona-365-gtb-07-small
  • ferrari-daytona-365-gtb-08-small
  • ferrari-daytona-365-gtb-09-small
  • ferrari-daytona-365-gtb-10-small
  • ferrari-daytona-365-gtb-11-small
  • ferrari-daytona-365-gtb-12-small
  • ferrari-daytona-365-gtb-13-small
  • ferrari-daytona-365-gtb-14-small
  • ferrari-daytona-365-gtb-15-small
  • ferrari-daytona-365-gtb-16-small
  • ferrari-daytona-365-gtb-17-small
  • ferrari-daytona-365-gtb-19-small
  • ferrari-daytona-365-gtb-20-small
  • ferrari-daytona-365-gtb-21-small
  • ferrari-daytona-365-gtb-22-small
  • ferrari-daytona-365-gtb-23-small
  • ferrari-daytona-365-gtb-24-small
  • ferrari-daytona-365-gtb-25-small

Ferrari Daytona 365 GTB4 Comp Car

Fully restored mechanically and body. The car was raced last in the early 80’s and had not been run until we completed the restoration in 2012 and it has done many race and Tour events since then.

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  • Ferrari 308 Gtb Michelotto Group B 16 Xlarge
  • ferrari-308-gtb-michelotto-group-b-01-small
  • ferrari-308-gtb-michelotto-group-b-02-small
  • ferrari-308-gtb-michelotto-group-b-03-small
  • ferrari-308-gtb-michelotto-group-b-04-small
  • ferrari-308-gtb-michelotto-group-b-05-small
  • ferrari-308-gtb-michelotto-group-b-06-small
  • ferrari-308-gtb-michelotto-group-b-07-small
  • ferrari-308-gtb-michelotto-group-b-08-small
  • ferrari-308-gtb-michelotto-group-b-09-small
  • ferrari-308-gtb-michelotto-group-b-10-small
  • ferrari-308-gtb-michelotto-group-b-11-small
  • ferrari-308-gtb-michelotto-group-b-12-small
  • ferrari-308-gtb-michelotto-group-b-13-small
  • ferrari-308-gtb-michelotto-group-b-14-small
  • ferrari-308-gtb-michelotto-group-b-15-small
  • ferrari-308-gtb-michelotto-group-b-16-small
  • ferrari-308-gtb-michelotto-group-b-17-small
  • ferrari-308-gtb-michelotto-group-b-18-small
  • ferrari-308-gtb-michelotto-group-b-19-small
  • ferrari-308-gtb-michelotto-group-b-20-small
  • ferrari-308-gtb-michelotto-group-b-21-small
  • ferrari-308-gtb-michelotto-group-b-22-small
  • ferrari-308-gtb-michelotto-group-b-23-small
  • ferrari-308-gtb-michelotto-group-b-24-small
  • ferrari-308-gtb-michelotto-group-b-25-small
  • ferrari-308-gtb-michelotto-group-b-26-small
  • ferrari-308-gtb-michelotto-group-b-27-small
  • ferrari-308-gtb-michelotto-group-b-28-small
  • ferrari-308-gtb-michelotto-group-b-29-small
  • ferrari-308-gtb-michelotto-group-b-30-small
  • ferrari-308-gtb-michelotto-group-b-31-small
  • ferrari-308-gtb-michelotto-group-b-32-small

Ferrari 308 GTB Michelotto Group B

Here we have this wonderfully original Michelotto 308 GpB rally car that we recently restored and was driven in period by Bjorn Waldegard. The car has now undergone a full mechanical rebuild and body restoration for Steven Read in the USA. The car has been used on the Tour Auto and Modena Cento Ore.

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  • Audi Quattro Sport 01 Xlarge
  • audi-quattro-sport-01-small
  • audi-quattro-sport-02-small
  • audi-quattro-sport-03-small
  • audi-quattro-sport-04-small
  • audi-quattro-sport-05-small
  • audi-quattro-sport-06-small
  • audi-quattro-sport-07-small
  • audi-quattro-sport-08-small
  • audi-quattro-sport-09-small
  • audi-quattro-sport-10-small

Audi Quattro Sport

One of the few original Sport’s built for GpB homologation and we were delighted to receive this car after Kriton Lendoudis purchased it. We did a full re-commission on the car as it had not been used for many, many years.

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  • 1978 Ferrari 308 Gtb Group B 40 Xlarge
  • 1978-ferrari-308-gtb-group-b-01-small
  • 1978-ferrari-308-gtb-group-b-02-small
  • 1978-ferrari-308-gtb-group-b-03-small
  • 1978-ferrari-308-gtb-group-b-04-small
  • 1978-ferrari-308-gtb-group-b-05-small
  • 1978-ferrari-308-gtb-group-b-06-small
  • 1978-ferrari-308-gtb-group-b-07-small
  • 1978-ferrari-308-gtb-group-b-08-small
  • 1978-ferrari-308-gtb-group-b-09-small
  • 1978-ferrari-308-gtb-group-b-10-small
  • 1978-ferrari-308-gtb-group-b-11-small
  • 1978-ferrari-308-gtb-group-b-12-small
  • 1978-ferrari-308-gtb-group-b-13-small
  • 1978-ferrari-308-gtb-group-b-14-small
  • 1978-ferrari-308-gtb-group-b-15-small
  • 1978-ferrari-308-gtb-group-b-16-small
  • 1978-ferrari-308-gtb-group-b-17-small
  • 1978-ferrari-308-gtb-group-b-18-small
  • 1978-ferrari-308-gtb-group-b-19-small
  • 1978-ferrari-308-gtb-group-b-20-small
  • 1978-ferrari-308-gtb-group-b-21-small
  • 1978-ferrari-308-gtb-group-b-22-small
  • 1978-ferrari-308-gtb-group-b-23-small
  • 1978-ferrari-308-gtb-group-b-24-small
  • 1978-ferrari-308-gtb-group-b-25-small
  • 1978-ferrari-308-gtb-group-b-26-small
  • 1978-ferrari-308-gtb-group-b-27-small
  • 1978-ferrari-308-gtb-group-b-28-small
  • 1978-ferrari-308-gtb-group-b-29-small
  • 1978-ferrari-308-gtb-group-b-30-small
  • 1978-ferrari-308-gtb-group-b-31-small
  • 1978-ferrari-308-gtb-group-b-32-small
  • 1978-ferrari-308-gtb-group-b-33-small
  • 1978-ferrari-308-gtb-group-b-34-small
  • 1978-ferrari-308-gtb-group-b-35-small
  • 1978-ferrari-308-gtb-group-b-36-small
  • 1978-ferrari-308-gtb-group-b-37-small
  • 1978-ferrari-308-gtb-group-b-38-small
  • 1978-ferrari-308-gtb-group-b-39-small
  • 1978-ferrari-308-gtb-group-b-40-small
  • 1978-ferrari-308-gtb-group-b-41-small
  • 1978-ferrari-308-gtb-group-b-42-small
  • 1978-ferrari-308-gtb-group-b-43-small
  • 1978-ferrari-308-gtb-group-b-44-small
  • 1978-ferrari-308-gtb-group-b-45-small
  • 1978-ferrari-308-gtb-group-b-46-small
  • 1978-ferrari-308-gtb-group-b-47-small

1978 Ferrari 308 GTB Group B

This very special Ferrari 308 GTB Group B rally car was driven by Antonio Zanini, who was a dominant force in Spanish rallying in the late 1970s and early 1980s, he was nine-time Spanish Rally Champion. Zanini did a deal with Ferrari agent Fernando Serena and specialist tuners Michelotto to prepare the car for competition use. Unfortunately the cars debut was delayed until late in the 1984 season when it won its maiden event convincingly.

The car only competed on one other event in 1984. During the 1985 Rally Catalunya, the 308 driven by Claudio Caba competed with a revised livery and was sponsored by Spanish Jeans manufacturer Cimarron. This livery was made rather famous when Scalextric used it for one of its most popular slot cars of the 1980s. He was lying 5th overall before retiring after going off the road. After the Catalonian rally, the car returned to Serena in Barcelona and was never used in competition again.

After only three events, it was set aside and retained by Francesco Serena. The car was sold during the late 1980s to a Spanish businessman and collector, who kept the car until 2009, at which point he sold it. Ferrari Classiche have also certified this Ferrari as a vehicle of historic interest and is now in the process of receiving a full refurbishment at BGMsport for the new owner. The car has since been used in several events.

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  • 1968 Maserati Ghibili 03 Xlarge
  • 1968-maserati-ghibili-01-small
  • 1968-maserati-ghibili-02-small
  • 1968-maserati-ghibili-03-small
  • 1968-maserati-ghibili-04-small
  • 1968-maserati-ghibili-05-small
  • 1968-maserati-ghibili-06-small
  • 1968-maserati-ghibili-07-small
  • 1968-maserati-ghibili-08-small
  • 1968-maserati-ghibili-09-small
  • 1968-maserati-ghibili-10-small

1968 Maserati Ghibili

This beautiful 1968 Maserati Ghibili came to our workshop as a right hand drive car, converted for previous owner Britt Ekland to drive around London in the 70's. The car has now been returned to it's original left hand drive specification and back on the road.

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  • Triumph Tr7 V8 Apr 13 01 Xlarge
  • triumph-tr7-v8-apr-13-01-small
  • triumph-tr7-v8-apr-13-02-small
  • triumph-tr7-v8-apr-13-03-small
  • triumph-tr7-v8-apr-13-04-small
  • triumph-tr7-v8-apr-13-05-small
  • triumph-tr7-v8-apr-13-06-small
  • triumph-tr7-v8-apr-13-07-small
  • triumph-tr7-v8-apr-13-08-small
  • triumph-tr7-v8-apr-13-09-small
  • triumph-tr7-v8-apr-13-10-small
  • triumph-tr7-v8-apr-13-11-small
  • triumph-tr7-v8-apr-13-12-small
  • triumph-tr7-v8-apr-13-13-small
  • triumph-tr7-v8-apr-13-14-small
  • triumph-tr7-v8-apr-13-15-small
  • triumph-tr7-v8-apr-13-16-small
  • triumph-tr7-v8-apr-13-17-small
  • triumph-tr7-v8-apr-13-18-small
  • triumph-tr7-v8-apr-13-19-small
  • triumph-tr7-v8-apr-13-20-small
  • triumph-tr7-v8-apr-13-21-small
  • triumph-tr7-v8-apr-13-22-small
  • triumph-tr7-v8-apr-13-23-small
  • triumph-tr7-v8-apr-15-11-small

A Triumph TR7 V8

This was a pair of cars we built for father and son teamFrank and Carl “Flash” Tundo for the East African Safari rally 3 years ago. Bothcars finished and last year Flash finished joint first overall.

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  • Lancia Aurellia 03 Xlarge
  • lancia-aurellia-01-small
  • lancia-aurellia-02-small
  • lancia-aurellia-03-small
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Lancia Aurellia

There are not many words that we can find to describe the pride that we feel to be working on such a wonderful vehicle.

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Motorsport investor, driver and car owner.
Creative Talent Management Ltd

Ian and his team at BGM Sport are simply outstanding at what they do, put simply we TRUST them in all they do, not just the engineering or the expert motor sport advice but also in the transparency of pricing and ultimately in the friendship we have enjoyed during my 30 years of working with and using the services of BGMsport. I would also like to add that over recent years Ian has become the "Go To" oracle for all things "Investment" based in motorsport historical and classics. If you want to deal with experts who you can trust then deal with these people!!

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I first met Ian and the BGMsport team at Daytona in for the inaugural Classic 24 hour race where they were running a beautifully prepared Competition Ferrari Daytona. The quality was such that even though I was living overseas at the time and aside from a few days sharing trackside garages with them, I decided to entrust them with the complete restoration and race preparation of an original Classiche accredited Ferrari 308 GrB rally car in readiness to compete in Modena Centre Ore, Italy.

Nothing phased the team in the following 18 month restoration period and we then debuted it at MCO where over 5 days of intense competition we came 2nd outright and just 1.3 seconds off a win in a freshly prepared car being run in anger for the very first time. The team were so professional in every aspect and such a pleasure to share time with over the course of the rally that we went onto do it again the following year where we were again doing well until the 'nut behind the wheel' caused all the problems with an off road excursion into the Armco that would of put most cars out of the running - however, working through the night the BGM team fixed the car and we ran super competitively for the remaining days all be it out of contention for another podium!

The quality of their work led to asking them to do a complete refresh and rebuild of my '65 AC Cobra, another very original car, and readying it to try and compete at the front of the grid in the current array of historic events. Over the course of a year and working with a number of external suppliers, as well as much track testing and development, we went onto campaign the car in 2017 in various GTSCC rounds and at the Goodwood Revival in the prestigious RAC TT race to good effect - once again, this traditionally 'rally focused' team proved to be just so calm, easy to work with and effective at supporting the and running the car.

Over the next two years we further tested and refined the car and then in 2019 we went onto win the Goodwood Revival RAC TT at just our second attempt as well as securing a new official lap record for a Cobra roadster of 1:24.071 with the car driven by André Lotterer. In possibly the highest profile and most hotly contested historic race on the calendar once again BGM and proved they are a match for any other race team there is whether rally or track focused. They've always managed to achieve tight deadlines, bring a faultlessly prepared car to any event, been a huge pleasure to spend time with (whether track side or in the bar!) and delivered all this on a very sensible budget. I now use BGM to run a number of different cars, have used them for support on track, rallies and at events such as the Goodwood Festival of Speed and simply could not recommend them more highly for any aspect of restoration , race or rally support.

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Senior Sound Designer, Principal Sound Recording Engineer
Codemasters Software Ltd

BGMsport are one of Codemasters most valued partners. Sourcing original ex-works Rally and Motorsport cars for on track sound recording for Codemasters Racing titles can be especially challenging, particularly when under the constraints of a tight development schedule. I’m indebted to Ian Gwynne, for placing his trust in me, in approaching his clients and contacts and facilitating access to record a host of truly iconic original works Group A, B, N and 4 (B) Rally cars for DiRT Rally 2.0, as well as a number of historic GT cars for GRID.

Despite BGMsport’s unremitting workload, Ian Gwynne has always gone out of his way to book the cars for recording within our project milestone scheduling and to take time away from the Workshop to manage and drive at the sessions, some of which have taken place as far afield as the USA.

There are very few Works, Teams or Privateers I’ve dealt with that have exhibited that level of commitment, enthusiasm and support.

It’s no surprise to me why BGMsport are so highly regarded in the Motorsports community and entrusted to prep and maintain so many illustrious original works Rally and Motorsport client cars.

Codemasters have established an award winning reputation for representing authentic in-game engine audio across its Motorsports titles; much of that success can be attributed to partners such as Ian and the BGMsport team, ‘The Car is the Star’ after all.

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‘’Ian of BGMsport has been a valued customer of Silverstone Auctions Ltd, from our early beginnings. BGMsport have been responsible for bringing motivated buyers and sellers from their broad competition base of clients to our sales. Ian is also the most knowledgeable person on everything rallying”

Lionel Abbott Silverstone Auctions Ltd

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‘I’ve dealt with Ian and his team for the last fifteen years when they have looked after three different cars of mine. Their attention to detail, workmanship and knowledge is second to none and it really is the ‘go to’ place, particularly for anything with any motorsport history.’

Justin Oliver

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“I was introduced to BGMsport and Ian Gwynne through a very good friend of mine and certainly I was not disappointed.

Ian undertook to recommission my Audi Quattro road car which was sitting for a very long time when I bought it. Ian did a fantastic job the car is perfect now and I’m thankful to Ian for his quality job.”

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I have raced with BGM for a number of years and have always been highly impressed with their meticulous standard of preparation and the way the cars are always presented at the track. BGM are highly professional during the race weekend whilst maintaining a relaxed and calm atmosphere making the race experience highly pleasurable and fun yet always handling all the detail required that makes the difference between fun and frustration. Winning and losing.

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“ I personally have had relationships with Ian, owner of BGMsport for many years, and also with his late father Bill who created Bill Gwynne Motorsport which Ian took over many years ago. Over the years I have had many opportunities and pleasure to drive and co-drive cars prepared by BGMsport on prestigious events such as Goodwood Festival of Speed etc and always found the cars prepared and operated to a factory level. The restoration build process they apply matches to the highest level available.

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“My involvement with the name Gwynne Motorsport goes back a long time. I can remember testing with Vauxhall in the late seventies at Ian father’s Bill Gwynne Rally School stage, and I’m sure Ian was still in short trousers at that time!! Lately I have been involved a lot with BGMsport driving various immaculately re-prepared cars. We have also recently had a couple of Colin’s Subaru’s back down to BGMsport for servicing and thorough check over. Suffice to say, there is only certain company's that we could trust with these cars. Long may our relationship continue”

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I have been a client of BGMsport for over a decade and have never been disappointed in the outcome of any project that has been entrusted to them. The cars that I have been fortunate to acquire are not only special to me but also I believe are unique and appreciated by the broader rally and Motorsport community. It’s therefore essential that whoever works on the cars not only appreciates and understands them but also has the experience to ensure that their heritage is respected and reflected in all work undertaken. BGMsport has my complete trust and support in taking care of all the needs for the cars which are so important to me and I believe are a significant part of the history of rallying.

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'I have worked with Ian and the team at BGMsport for many years now and throughout that time I've always found them to be professional, conscientious and friendly. They always prepare superbly finished, well engineered and reliable cars. A pleasure to deal with!'

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"Great to have worked with Ian and BGMsport at a number of events. As always the cars are turned out perfectly. Personally I'd be a bit nervous about allowing me to drive them!!!! "

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BGM - Professional with a vast depth of knowledge and experience. Knowing my rally car has had the BGM care and treatment is hugely reassuring when waiting for the green light on the SS start line.

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“Always a great pleasure to drive any of the BGM cars, always prepared to a fantastic standard and normally very special cars, We have also had some great success in rally sprint and rallies over the many years.”

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"Ian, After passing a decade as a loyal customer I thought it seemed fit to write to thank you and the team for all the support and hard work over the last 12 years. The experience, knowledge and customer care that flows through BGMSport is second to none. I have no doubt our success on the stages wouldn't have happened without BGMSport, from straight talking advice, R&D, car prep and on event support. We couldn't of chosen a better team to support us! Thank you again BGMSport."

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Ian and his team are true specialists in their field and you can only fully appreciate this when talking to the guys - they all have a real passion for the cars. BGMsport also support many local and national car events throughout the year which is great to see in a small company. I know that I will continue to use BGMsport for many more years to come for my Audi Sport Quattro. I first met Ian and the guys at BGMsport in 2016 when researching a potential car purchase. Ian had recommissioned the car for the previous owner prior to sale at auction. I contacted Ian who, with the owner’s permission, was very open and honest about the car and spoke with great passion which could only have come from true in depth knowledge and experience. Recently the car went back for a service and Mot and following their recommendation after working on the car I had the dampers replaced. This has transformed the handling of the car and it’s now an even better driving experience all thanks to BGMs knowledge.

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"After purchasing a Subaru Impreza rally car in 2003, the owner of the car recommended BGMsport (Formally Bill Gwynne Motorsport, at the time) to me. After contacting them, I found them to be very professional and helpful, but at the same time a very friendly and down to earth family owned and run business to deal with. I had a very pleasant relationship in my dealings with them for around ten years and would highly recommend them to anyone and would not hesitate to use their services in the future.

Keith Turner.

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