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Goodwood FOS 2018

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Goodwood FOS 2018

Having now completed our 13th consecutive Festival of Speed, we would firstly like to thank Steve Rimmer for the use of some of his cars and Rick Smith and his team for running the stage so well as usual. It was a great pleasure to have Jimmy and Alister McRae driving some of the cars on the rally stage for the weekend, also thank you to Jess Watts for driving our Micra Kit car and Paul Howarth for driving the MK1 RS1600. Geoff Jones made an appearance on Sunday and had a couple of runs in the Legacy and Micra. It was an extremely hot and dry Goodwood this year which made it hard work at times but we all had great fun. Thanks to Paul, Chris and Jim for looking after the cars for the weekend, and finally to Sylviane for standing out in all the dust and putting together some photos of our cars and a few others out on the stages.

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