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Ford RS1700 T Rally Car

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Ford RS1700 T Rally Car

This car was a prototype RWD car designed by Ford Motor Company in The early 80'S to compete in Group B rallying. We believe that only 18 were built and of those only 5 EXIST TODAY, one being owned by Malcolm Wilson. Plagued with problems during its development, Ford changed its plans for its production and instead started work on an all-wheel-drive model, in effect this car forced the design and rethink of how to compete against the Audi Quattro’s and resulted in the development of the famous RS200. BGMsport NOW HAVE rebuilt one of the CARS . The car performed beautifully and now has exactly 400 BHP!! What an incredible machine to have had the pleasure of restoring and be able to drive. Such a shame development stopped in early days. It will now sit proudly in Steve’s RS collection and has been invited to many events not only as a show car but also to be driven on demonstration event recently it was driven by Alistair McRae who gave a big thumbs up!

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